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The Bullet from Flamini: Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle

Guten Tag. I wanted to write the match review after waking up at 5:45 am (or 85th minute Arsenal time) and after finding out the glorious score. But i gave in to sleep (sleep is evil) and so i bring this to you at 2 pm.

The match was not shown on cable tv at all and i wasn’t very impressed. After watching the goals and highlights, i was even less impressed. Not by the goals and performance by our lads but by the stupidity of local cable company. I tried calling them but they put me on hold for the longest time and eventually i got through.

“Good evening, S******, how may i assist you?”
“Yes, my name is Steve-o(no its not), i’d like to enquire about your cable programming?”
“Yes sir?”
“Question, you know about channel 26, yes?”
“The football channel sir?”
“Yes, exactly, the Football channel, is there a reason why football isn’t showing tonight?”
“Sir, i’m not quite sure…”
“I’m referring to the broadcast of ‘Live’ BPL matches that i pay good money for. is there a reason why tomorrow morning’s BPL matches won’t be shown ‘live’ nor ‘delayed’ nor ‘same day telecast’?”
“Sir, let me go and check…”
“No, you don’t have to check with anybody, this is the 3rd incident i’ve called and whoever you check with will give you some answer that i’m not satisfied with. Listen, i’m registered under **** ****** *** **** and the S*** *** account is ******** so all you need to do now is, log this conversation down and refer to it as “the 3rd time”. Can i make it clear that there shouldn’t be a 4th time?”

…is what should have happened if i continued to wait on the line. But i gave up listening to elevator/cabletvoperator muzak and just went to ensure i did my part for the Arsenal.

So its the same scoreline against the Geordies and i’m very happy because i don’t have to redesign the review template and also because we won quite convincingly (judging by the highlights and goal clips i saw). I can’t really comment on the play at all so there won’t be the usual section of “Steve-o’s Mentionables”.

Goal comments –
Adebayor’s Header: Loved it. Sagna loses the ball high up our flank, Willie wins ball back, ball goes to Hleb, Hleb passes first touch to Fab, Fab first touch passes to a rushing Flam, Flam runs up, takes the ball over and past a tackle, crosses it into the box, Adebayor plants his header past Shay and into the left of the net. Neat passing, simple cross, spot on header.

Flamini’s Smasher: Diaby keeps ball in play on the left flank after Toon defence clears a cross, passes it to Cesc, who spots Flamini in space, Flamini takes a look up and drives the ball hard and fast into the top right corner. It doesn’t get better than this and seriously this should be up for contention for Goal of the Season. What a goal. I told sggooner that if the match was shown on telly, i would have screamed so loud that my neighbours would have had a nice wake up call. Lucky neighbours. (clip courtesy of arsenalist)

Cesc’s Left foot: Freekick taken deep in our half by Clichy, ball reaches Big Ben who’s in the box, he takes one touch to control it and with the 2nd touch, passes it to Cesc who puts his left foot into the ball straight away for a shot. GOAL, get in there you beauty! 4 touches from a freekick and this is simply divine to watch.

I think my M.O.M would be Flamini and please, for fuck’s sake just sign already. Suggestion, lets send a petition over to the club for him to sign a new contract till 2014, who’s up for it??

Did i mention that i really really hate my cable operator?

We’re back on top for the moment and like my friend says, hopefully Pompey will hold Yanited back. Sorry Merv. Wish there’s more to blog but i’m glad because i have tons of work to do and i’ll just end today’s post now. Thanks for reading you glorious Gooners (and a few other fans of other clubs). Seeya tomorrow.


Match Preview: Deja Vu?

Good afternoon everyone. I’m very tired and fatigued from a whole night’s worth of work and i haven’t stopped since so i’ll try to keep this as coherent as possible. Try.

Well, it seems like we’re playing Newcastle tonight at home and the last time we faced them, we beat them 3-0 with Adebayor scoring a brace and Nicky Butt helping himself to the odd own goal. I’m such the Arsenal fan, i remember stats like this so clearly that i recall the scorers from a game that was played half a season ago…what? The last time we met the Geordies was just 3 days ago? Are you sure? What? The last time we met the Geordies was just 3 days ago? Are you sure? Must be Deja Vu then. Must be Deja Vu then.

Enough. Trolling around the Arsenal sites i don’t find a hint of any squad news for tonight so…*GONG*….Gunnersing’s Probable Starting Magnificent Squad of 16:

Jens Lehmann
Bacary Sagna
Justin Hoyte
Mathieu Flamini
Abou Diaby
Theo Walcott
Gilberto Silva
Nicklas Bendtner

I’m not sure about the safe pickings today so i’ll just post Steve-o’s 11.
The changes from saturday’s win would be Sagna coming in for Hoyte and Diaby playing from the start. I have a feeling Big Ben would play a bigger part today but we’ll see. It would be nice if we scored 10 goals against them tonight but i think we’d be better off hoping for a respectable scoreline of 2-0. (my heart tells me it’d be a tense 4-1 affair)

Ahead of the match, our little General, Cesc Fabregas says “We will see what happens, but all we know is that we have to keep winning,” he growls while sharpening his teeth against a leather hide, “i’ll cut and eat up our opponents limb by limb if i have to.” Great way to rouse the fire in our bellies, Cesc. Great way to scare the bejeezus out of opposing teams too.

Le Boss warns us against the growing hard-on that is Michael Owen. “”In this game he will be harder than he was then. You see that the stiffness is there, but he is not 100 per cent yet.” Which might imply Owen would be either a standing rod of goalscoring fury or he’ll be impotent in front of goal. Please pour your sacrificial whiskey for the latter. Danke.

If i’m awake tonight i’ll provide some mirth on msn and some ire on the Arses. Both are equally entertaining. But not as entertaining as the match itself. Remember, wherever you are, Sing for the Gunners! Because they love it!

“Adebayoooooor, Adebayoooooooor, Give him the ball and he will score….”


No-Link-Monday: Kolo, Woody & Man Yanited

Good Monday to you and welcome to another NLM at Gunnersing. Which means fuck all except that you don’t have annoying links to click and i report the stories to their fullest, juicy, detail. In a summarized fashion of course, or Steve-o will be caught “lifting” articles wholesale from the original source. You know what that means.

Kolo Toure’s groin injury suffered at the African Cup of Nations is not as bad as we feared. According to the Arsenal medical team who flew King Kolo into Paris to assess him, he’ll be fine in “eight to 10 days”. Le Boss says “Kolo has a Grade One groin problem,” he smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Heh, i said groin, hehe, *ahem* ,it will keep him out for eight to 10 days – but he will stay with the Ivory Coast squad for the rest of the tournament.” Good news then, but Kolo won’t be back in time for the FA Cup tie against Yanited (more on that later). I hope Big Phil continues his good run of form then.

There was a 5 minute flurry of transfer rumour activity for me today as i took a break from work, we were linked with a last minute bid for Boro’s Jonathan Woodgate. Allegedly the 3rd party to sneakily sneak in to scupper Spurm’s efforts to bolster their defence, the news was reported on a few reputable Arsenal Blogs, Soccernet and Skysports. I was genuinely flummoxed, why Woody? I’d spend the reported 7 million pounds plus 4 million on top to get Micah Richards. And in 5 minutes, an announcement from the Club’s Official Website, Wenger hrmphs and says, “I do not know where that story came from, there is no truth in it at all. We have never been in touch with Middlesbrough about Jonathan Woodgate.” before putting his spectacles back on his nosebridge, smiling his mischievous smile for the 2nd time today. “Heh, i said Wood.” Yes you did, Boss, yes you did.

And the big news today is that we drew Man Yanited for the next round of the FA Cup. When i saw the draw, i thought we were gonna get Barnsley or Huddersfield, but of course, the lords of football (read: the corrupt forces of the underworld gambling mafia) didn’t agree and sent Arsenal to Old Trafford for the tie. “Fuckety Fuck Fuck,” Siren texted me after i told her that we drew Yanited. “Fuckety Fuck Fuck,” she said again after I told her that we will play away at OT. I could only manage a “Bleah”. Looking at the pic above, i realized so much had happened since the last time we won the FA Cup. DB10 retired, PV4 gone, Reyes became a wanker, Cuntley Cunt became a question mark, CescFab4 cut his hair, Lauren’s part of the Dad’s army and most importantly, we’ve had a good run of results against the hated redblacks in recent times. I won’t say anymore to continue my silent belief of the anti-jinx. Let’s look forward to screaming our heads off when the tie comes around then.

Alright, i’m going back to work and i hope to read you tomorrow. Get in the comments huh? its getting a little lonely tonight. Guten Morgen and all that.


FA Cup: Arsenal 3 – 0 Newcastle United


Good evening all, there was no chance for me to write a preview yesterday prior to the match because i was out the whole day, working the Steve-o magic, so that we will win.

And win we did. I missed the first half except for the one Diaby shot in the final minute before the break. “DIABY DIABY!!” i cried. Then i heard Rosicky limped off after 7 minutes, i was not happy. Super Tom was really getting into the momentum and form that would help us gain important points…hopefully he won’t be out for too long, we really need him in the next 2 weeks.

So, i go out for the customary half time puff and to make sure i do good on the “job” i’ve been doing the whole day, i spoke to a couple of really fit ladies (one’s from London and the other’s from Leicester) to get the seal of approval for our match. Well…we know what happened, our lads in the famous red & white took it up a notch and Adebayor scored a brace for us before a Cesc freekick from the left got headed into the toon net by Nicky Butt. Hehe. Thanks Butty Boy.

Steve-o’s Mentionables

Gael Clichy – This boy is amazing, i don’t call him “Crazy Legs” for nothing. Full of tireless running, he practically owned the left flank. It was so ridiculous that Diaby moved to the centre and Clichy was not even fazed. It could be that Newcastle were trying to exploit the relatively less experienced (our) right flank combo of Justin Hoyte and Theo Walcott but Gael has to be one of our most important players this season.

Eduardo (F.O.S.C) – Our Crozilian is really building up on his play with hardwork and determination, pressuring Shay Given and the toon defenders all the time. I believe if he keeps this up, one of these days we’d nick a nice goal or 2 just by mistakes from the opponent’s backline. He deserved a goal but the closest he got was him hitting the bar before Ade finished it off. Did anyone else see how F.O.S.C blocked off a defender to give Ade a little more space for his second goal? I did. Loved it.

Adebayor – Say what you want about him but this boy likes to prove his critics wrong. And with a smile too. The song is catchy as hellfire but unfortunately the lads in the local Gooner pub, Liz, didn’t join in the Hymn-like continual singing. WHY NOT??? JUST SING IT??? ITS JUST A FEW WORDS REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Anyway, its all dandy now and we happen to play some bunch of Black and White wearing….Kevin Keegan led…Deja Vu. Creepy.

Read you tomorrow, Gooners. Have a nice Sunday evening.


Pick-of-the-week: Faye White


Well, its that time of the week again. Friday. Its been a long day and to make matters worse i have nothing to fill up the evening with. Crap crap crappity crap. And now you’re stuck here reading and sharing the inexplicable link with me through the infinite and invisible electrical wires and doo-hickeys. Its like i’m touching you in your most private areas but you’re not here and i’m not there.

Yes, you’re right, stop touching your chin (scary isn’t it?), i’m a little insane from the lack of activity on a friday and also from the abundance of Grey Goose.

Okay, Fridays also bring you *gong sounds off* Steve-o’s pick of the week! And this week’s feature is our wonderful Arsenal Ladies’ Captain, Faye White.

She’s the centre back of our all conquering Ladies’ Team who won 4 major honours. How cool is that? Seriously. Now bow in reverence to her and pour some strong malt whiskey on the ground before you. Hopefully the combined powers of our alcoholic sacrifices will give our lads the impetus to stuff Newcastle 120 – 0. Yes 120 goals. In 90 minutes. Why not?

Okay i’m going back to my Barcadi instead. Match preview tomorrow…i hope. Guten Nacht.


Angry Thursday


No happy picture for you guys today. But i feel exactly like the legend above. I was coasting along, accepting the defeat graciously because it had to happen and the circumstances – atmosphere, attitude, readiness, lack of skill, etc, compounded everything into one ball of reasonable angst. I dealt with that quite well. Until i went out last evening for a drink.

Anticipating ribbing from certain people, i tried my best keeping away from them so i won’t get any “banter”. But still it happened. All you need to know is that i’m not pleased at all and the tactless event that occurred left a very sour taste in my mouth. I may be all smiles but don’t take that as a sign of weakness. Losing 6-2 over 2 legs to your greatest enemy is no laughing matter and it would be nice that if you, as understanding as you are, won’t rub it in.

More fallout continues as the biggest victim of the result, apparently our young Theo Walcott, is gonna be farmed out on loan to get him “to be more ready”. I believe its a good idea, i hope he does well if he goes out on loan…if not, his time in Arsenal will be cut short. I hope not, for his sake.

Its really ridiculous to note the intense frenzy from media and fans alike to write us off, proclaim that we need signings immediately, youth policy in cups is flawed and so on. Where were you when we were in the Carling Cup finals last year? Saying Wenger has lost the plot after 1 defeat in the Carling Cup with 50% kids playing? Are you out of your fucking mind? These are the same people who doomify(not a word) us at the start of the season, saying we won’t even be in the top four, need more signings to cover up the big hole that TH14 left blah blah blah. What’s worse, these are fans as well. WHAT THE FUCK. I remember the first few matches we had at the beginning of the season, we were almost always 1 goal down till the last 20 minutes and there were 2 wankers, 1 scruffy pot-bellied Caucasian old man and one tall shapeless pan-asian guy who were whining and moaning about Arsene Wenger’s transfer policies, that we were gonna be fucked this season. The scruffy Caucasian even criticized us singing the “One Arsene Wenger” song. We won that match and they kept quiet. Next match, they come back, we went 1 goal down again and they repeated the same bollocks and we won in the end, they shut their fucking traps up. We had an unbeaten run and i didn’t see them at the pub anymore. I bet you they’ll be back this weekend.

Get a fucking grip. We’re 2nd of the League, with goal difference, we exited the semi-finals of the Carling Cup playing mostly kids all the way, we’re still in the FA Cup, in the last 16 of UCL. Jesus Christ, its almost like we are Newcastle or Fulham.

Rant over. Time to jam with my band. Toodles everyone, hope your evening gets better.


Carling Cup Fallout: Partnerships did not click.


Guten Tag. Are you okay? Really? I’m kinda stuck in the middle because i want to be angry about the defeat to those asswipes but at the same time, i was kinda prepared for it.

1. Spurms looked really up for it. Period.
2. They had about 9 or 10 chances and scored from 6 of them, how many times have they done that against us?

I was gonna say “3. Its just the Carling Cup” but i stopped myself because although that statement is true, its just horrible to lose to those Spurms anyway. The aftermath of the game did not really hit me that badly because i always believed that in sports, success is mostly about partnerships and teamwork. Having played various team sports like Basketball and Football, i can attest to that notion. Footy for example, i’ve always excelled in a attacking midfield role if i have a capable defensive midfield partner. I’m not very dribbly, he is very dribbly. I’m quite pacy, i can cover his ass if he lets the rare markee go past. He can lay off passes to me because he’ll can read my runs, etc etc.

Most times if i play football with new team mates (especially if they are playing next to my position), i can’t play my natural game and more often than not its frustrating because i’d expect my partner to know my runs or cover my weaknesses.

Gallas has had 2 changes to his partnership, his long time partner at the back, Toure, compliments his relatively slower pace and so on. I’d like to comment more on this partnership but now is not the time. Phil came in and Capt Willie had to adjust, Hoyte came in and the same goes for that as well. Its very obvious that there were alot of fresh partnerships last night and its very difficult, to be honest, to expect them to click in time for a Spurm side that was raring to go and really wanted to win against the old enemy at their homeground. That said, i’m not saying that our boys didn’t want it as much, but there were a few of them who weren’t as ready for this fixture if compared to the Spurms.

1. Gilberto – I love him, i really do, but i fear that his abilities are not suited to our current pace and personnel. He had a few brief spells of his old invisible wall skills last night but it wasn’t good enough. Its not his fault, by the way, its just that our lads are built around a different core now.

2. Theo Walcott – Hardly saw the ball. I don’t even recall a shot attempt. Had a few good positions (i think 2) and didn’t do anything constructive. Made me wonder if those chances fell to Eduardo, it would have been a different game? Not ready to face Ledley King, who was their rock in defence.

3. Armand Traore – For all his talent, i really feel he needs more experience. ALOT MORE. Thats all i can say of him, to be honest.

4. Diaby – I like this boy, but on the left against Derby County, he’s okay (1 goal), on the left in a match like this, without his buddy Diarra around as a partner…Still, he looked WAY more comfortable when he was played in the centre, passed the ball more and had a marvelous run that ended up with a dangerous free kick for us. What if he’d played there from the start?

Like the boss says, we can only hope the lads learn the positive lessons from this. Still, 2 losses to a rival in 8 years is not that bad. Just don’t do it again, alright, lads? Please?

Good ‘morrow.

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