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We will win Silva-ware for Eduardo.

Thanks to Siren for half of today’s title. Gonna be a short one today because i’m still suffering from a lot of anguish. And lots of work-related crap.

The other half of today’s title was semi-quoted from Matty Flam’s reaction to the E.D.S injury. “We wanted to win the title before but now we want to win it also for him,” said the Frenchman afterwards(the birmingspam game). “He is not going to be with us for a long time, so of course we want to win it for him.

I’m highlighting Matt’s words because i hope the rest of you Gooners saw his reaction when Eduardo was still on the floor. He walked around the pitch shaking the shoulders of his teammates who were looking distressed and quite rightly so. One time, when he walked over to Philippe Senderos, I could make out roughly these words, “Hey, HEY! Get over it! We have a match to play, come on!”.

Is there a better reason to why the likes of Arseblogger, Gunnerblog and Sggooner (myself included of course) all want Flamster to sign on his new contract?

I think his attitude is spot on, i’d like to try and focus the energy that saw a fallen comrade in battle to win the war. If you were on the battlefield, dodging bullets and all that manly stuff, and you see your best friend getting shot in the leg…do you, as a proper soldier;
1. sit down, hold your head in your hands and cry for mama
2. give a battle cry so loud and fearsome that the enemy would dread the vengeful onslaught?

I’d think i’d choose option 2 anyday and I believe Matty wanted it so badly i could see the fire burning in his eyes. Imagine if all of our players had his fire in their bellies, after recovering from the initial shock, would all give a great big battle cry ala Patrick Vieira…do you think the Birmingspam players would be scared shitless? Of course. We would be showing intent to destroy them with supreme skill and drop fucking 20 goals on their asses.

But no, we looked distraught and clearly the signal to Birmingspam is for them to continue testing our nerves with hard tackles. And that they did.

I hope you’re reading this, Fabregas, Senderos, Gallas, Adebayor, Sagna, Clichy, Bendtner, Rosicky, Hleb, Toure, Almunia and Lehmann. Follow Matty’s fire and we’ll do this for sure. For Eduardo and for the beauty of football’s sake.

Updated: Go here to see the article on people all around the world sending well-wishes to Dudu. I’ve already sent in my email and i think you should too. A certain Mark Tan has represented Singapore proudly and if you are reading this, Mark Tan, send me an email and i’ll buy you a drink. You can click on this link to mail directly.


We’re Praying for you, Eduardo.

Its been a tough week as i’ve had shitty clients to deal with and also my call-up to the army reserves. Thus the lack of blog-age. Compounded with a fine display against an aging Meelan defence but only ended the game with a draw, I was looking forward to the Birmingham match because i know the lads would be full of vigor to shake off the mid-week crap.

Little did i know…

I won’t bother with the usual match review, because its still painful to remember the looks on our players’ faces. Its even more painful when i look through the pictures available on the internet to show us how horrible the tackle is. Arseblog has a picture that shows Martin-Taylor-“i am a nasty fucker with no values and i have leprosy on my testicles, plus i was molested as a child” sliding in for a tackle with studs up ABOVE the ankle of Eduardo.

The more i look at that photo, the more i’m convinced that No-Values-Raped-in-the-ass-Nasty-Fucker-Leprosy-on-Testicles-Martin-Taylor had other intentions than to get the ball cleanly. If you look at picture no.4 from this link (originally from ANR), the fucker was smiling. Smiling! There are no words to describe the kind of things i want to do to 2 people right now.

1. Martin-I-went-to-school-with-rapist-janitors-and-they-called-me-Baby-Taylor: I’ve only had the heart to read 2 Arsenal blogs so far after saturday and both suggested rightly that the fucker mentioned above would need to be punished far more than 3 fucking matches. Ban him for a year? I want to ban him from ever playing football again. Or better yet. I want to play footy against him and have all my mates, including the rapist janitors give him sliding tackles above the ankle, with the fucker’s boot firmly wedged into the ground and after one fracture, i’d like to tape it back crudely and do the same again, for over 45 minutes, i want him to not be able to stand up again. Yes, that is the degree of violence i’m willing to inflict on him.

2. Mike-I-am-a-half-ass-fuck-face-and-i-used-to-lick-goat-balls-Dean: Fuck you. You are full of shit and you are not even fit to referee a playground game. If i were in Italy, i’d pay top dollar to take a contract out on you. Clichy tackled the ball cleanly and you fucked it all up. Fuck you and i’ll gladly pay anyone to shove a year’s worth of garbage up his ass. I should not go on anymore because i’ll just keep going.

All the Singapore Gooners’ thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo Da Silva. He does not deserve such an injury and may God bless him. A career that was on the verge of taking off with Arsenal and i pray my darndest every day and night that he’ll return and continue his journey with us. I hope you would join me in prayer for him as well.

At the same time, my wish is for this incident to fire up the lads to go on and finish the season strongly. Like Arseblogger says, fuck all the rest and let’s just go do this. For Eduardo, and for Arsenal. We’ve gotten this far without any foreign investments and if those billionaire owners want to sabotage our efforts by paying off hatchet men and referees, they’ve got it coming. Let’s do it lads, if this is not a sign that we need to stuff their words back into their asses, i don’t know what is.


Domestic Cup or European Glory or Both? – Part II & FA Cup Match Preview

Ahhh, Mes Ami, sorry for the delay of Part II from Thursday. I was out for “personal reasons”, heh.

So FA Cup or UCL Trophy? Le Boss helped me out a whole lot by showing signs about which competition he’s valuing more. Lasagne Chef from The Cannon has his thoughts and theories which are interesting. Before i get to that, i have looked through some stuff for 2 days and here i try to weigh the possibilities of either competition.

FA Cup – The world’s oldest football competition with a whole chunk of history. No, really, the history of the cup is so great it would be stupid of me to bring it up. We drew Yanited for the next round about 3 weeks ago and some have already said “its the 2008 Cup Final drawn too early”. A few things come up for me when i look at this competition –

1. Arsenal 10 – Yanited 11: As the top 2 teams who have won the Cup in its history, we’ve won the cup just one less time, we can even it up this time round. Normally it would be safe to assume that if you beat your strongest rival, you should go on to win the whole shebang.
2. Psychological effects: It would be great to get one over them in the domestic cup, but there’s always 2 sides of the tale, whoever loses might also be hungry for revenge when we meet up again in the League.
3. Supporter mentality: Will we bay louder for Italian Blood if we lose tonight? If we win tonight, are we going to scream our heads off for the League match? Importance of crowd support has been quite important. Look how happy Ade is (no, seriously, think about it) when we gave him 2 songs. The second one being chanted over and over again, urging you on to score and when you do, the confidence and power it gives you is bloody fucking magical. Imagine it.

Relevancy: 2/3. History and Supporter pride are the main 2 factors that i want this win. However, as explained further in the match Preview later, it seems like Le Boss has come up with a solution to counter my Supporter value. Overall Relevancy: 1/3

UCL Trophy – Formerly the European Cup, we, the famous Arsenal, have not laid hands on the trophy once. The closest we got was when a certain TH14 led us all the way to the Final against Barcelona. A few of that squad still remain and those few are the main pumps in our current engine, Toure-Cesc-Flamini. Wenger would like to win this competition at least once in his illustrious career with Arsenal. All the Gooners would love to see our greatest manager ever to win it. I bet he’d cry when we do. We are drawn against AC Milan, the current holders and a positive result of our match against them this coming Wednesday could bring us a lot of confidence to go further in the competition.

1. Squad: I believe our current squad is most balanced squad so far. Wenger’s Mk I was a solid back 4 and a creative striker/playmaker in DB10 (bless him). Mk II was a spine held by a robust midfield general(PV4), an experienced skipper(Tony Adams), creative striker/playmaker DB10 and ultra fast winger Overmars. Mk III was the Invincible team who had the Left flank assasins, Cunt-Pires-Henry-PV4 (Paddy plays on the left of central midfield) and the stealth duo of DB10 and Freddie. We are now witnessing Mk IV and we are pretty strong all over the pitch.
2. Hunger: Our youthful team has the most hunger and exuberance to sustain this run. Even the oldest in our outfield lineup, our Captain Big Willie, can be considered the most hungry. Desire is always important when you are chasing something. When you consider that we really want this Cup we have to assess if the personnel wants it as much. I must say we really do.
3. Future: UCL success has always been dominant in the future of big teams. The money is one thing, but the other factor would be the ability to attract big players. With our new stadium generating more moolah for us, we can safely say we will be able to compete for expensive stars (if we really want to) with our pedigree in Europe. Staying in the competition every season is one thing, winning it before is another.

Relevancy: 4/3. Why the ridiculous figure? All 3 points mentioned above, in my opinion, are relevant to our future endeavors. And you know very well that we are building for the future with such a youthful squad. I’ve been thinking about certain things Le Boss has been doing this year and they sort of reflect one big desire, to win the bigger catches. No, i’m not belittling the Fa Cup. But be honest, when you haven’t won something before, you’d choose that over something you’ve had for a few times already.

Wenger has taken drastic steps this season to change the mentality and shape of our team. Known to be loyal to his players, it was a huge shock that he dropped Gilberto from the captaincy and also from the starting 11. True that Flamini’s performances merited that change but the armband snub confounded me for a while. Looking at our team structure though, it makes a whole lot more sense. As mentioned by Arseblogger, Gunnerblog and a few other experienced bloggers, we have lacked something for the past few years where we’ve won nothing. A blood and guts leader. TH14 was a great leader who lead by example on and off the pitch. But he hardly screamed for a victory, when he did, he screamed at his teammates to make a better pass for him. Gilberto is a very quiet leader, who shows his hunger for victory by doing it himself, trying to score the important goals last season and was successful with that.
However, we know that the best leaders are the ones who can inspire the whole team, who can emote desire and translate them through his own actions and also infecting the team immensely. Gallas scores the important goals because he refuses to go without a fight. He screams at his teammates to spur them on, “Don’t lose focus! Come on! Lets go!” is very different from “Pass the ball to me! I was right there!”. He improves the spirit by bringing back ideas from the past, team huddles. It has influenced the team greatly, i remember Ade getting into it and insisting that other teammates to join in quickly. If i were in that team, i’d be fucking hunting for blood every match because i know the man beside me wants it just as much. I got chills just looking at the pic above.

Looking at our squad, i find it drastically amazing that i’ve not come to the realization till now. Almost everyone is complimentary to the person next to them. I wrote about that but i’ve taken it out because i think its another post for another time. So the gist is, we have potentially the most balanced team we’ve ever had under Wenger (or even in our history). When else would be a better time to challenge for the trophy that has eluded us thus far? I say it would be now.

For me, i want to aim for a Treble but Wenger has already taken a step to lessen the burn if we don’t beat Yanited today. So realistically we are focusing on 2 fronts and i’d choose these 2 fronts after the experiences of seasons past, where we did not prioritize properly and suffered for it.

i just ran out of time. I predict 0-1 to the Arsenal. Cheers.


Domestic Cup or European Glory or Both? – Part 1

Happy Valentines all of you. I have a couple of things to do and people to see (switch do and see as deemed fit) so this is an extremely early blog. As said yesterday, I was trawling the web for AC Milan stuff and the question begs…which scene do you want to see above? Our players ecstatic to beat their biggest rivals in the league for the past 10 years to progress to the next stage of the FA Cup or our players in a gleeful team huddle after beating AC Milan, the current holders of the European Cup (Champions League) and progress to the Quarter-Finals?

We meet Yanited this saturday and so far i’ve seen 3 Arsenal bloggers having similar sentiments like “if we lose this Saturday, its not the end of the world, I’d rather us focus on the League Title or the Champions League”. I’m a little caught in between, i hate losing to Yanited. I really really hate that. But i want to see us do well in the CL as well. Its like you’re already engaged to Adrianna Lima and the wedding’s in May. But Stacy Keibler shows up at your favourite cafe one of those days and chats you up, batting her eyelids, twirling her gorgeous blonde hair, saying “you don’t have to tell Adrianna, you know…” Then that very evening Kurara Chibana happens to be at your favourite bar and buys you a drink and flirts the fuck out of you, saying “I know Stacy wants you, i don’t mind…i’ll even keep it secret from Adrianna as well.”
So what do you do? Be contented with the most gorgeous girl that you have spent a good amount of effort dating, buying gifts for the past few months, who is already your fiancee or risk it all by flirting with chance, who are 2 of the most sexy and desirable women of your fantasies? Being greedy can be a good or bad thing. You could possibly end up with the best situation, a menage quatre with the 3 HAWT ladies or you fuck it all up, break Adrianna’s heart and have her 6′ 3″ tall brothers come beat you up and laugh at your pathetic ass, then go steal Stacy and Kurara from you.

Decisions like the above are not for mortal minds but i’m going to attempt to access the options available to us in Part II of this topic. If i don’t finish tomorrow, there’s still room for Part III on Friday. This is good. I can spread out a big topic over 3 days. I should do this more often when there’s no freaking football going on in midweek. Or during international weeks.

Alright, see you for Part II tomorrow.


Henry as God…7 days till the visit from A.C Milan.

Guten Morgen to you. After reading up on some news on Arsenal…there’s nothing much to talk about, to be honest. Let’s see…
Former player and ultimate Legend Thierry Henry takes time off from playing for Barca and becomes spiritual guide to Adebayor. All very religious sounding except that Henry ‘speaks’ to Ade through a more modern way of communication called text messaging…rather than the traditional methods like sending prophetic dreams or a firm booming voice when Ade kneels besides his bed before he lays his corn-rowed head on his pillow. And rather than preaching about doing good for the benefit of mankind, TH14 sends teachings of scoring goals for the benefit of Arsenalkind. Which is cool because i can imagine TH14 in a white robe going, “Ade…you have sinned before, taking too many touches and letting the ball richochet off you. But i’m proud of you now my son, you are learning My Ways well. Sacrifice more StarWars figurines and posters of Carrie Fisher in that golden bikini tonight and you will be rewarded.”

Can you tell i’m bored outta my mind? I didn’t think so. Not much else is going on, Mark Hughes blabbers on and on about something which i won’t bother to link to because i feel it will waste 5 minutes of your life. Big Phil, scorer of the very important first goal against Blackburn just 2 nights ago, doesn’t mind winning ugly. No shit, Phil. Ivorian dance duo, Koboue&Elo, are back to jiggy their funky asses against Yanited this weekend.

Which brings me to ponder my next point…there’s bit of a selection headache for the FA Cup tie. Good headaches like the form of Philippe Senderos over the tiredness of Kolo Toure. Bad headaches like having an eye on the Champions League match against AC Milan next Wednesday. I know the Boss says “We only focus on winning the next game we play”, but surely even Wenger would be pondering about that a bit. Which is why he’s good at what he does then. Which is also why i’m not the manager of Arsenal.

Looking at different information about AC Milan and trying to find our head to head stats is quite heavy for a Wednesday morning…so i’m taking the time tonight to go research a little…if i find good info, there’ll be a long post tomorrow. if i find shit, there’ll be hardly anything then. Maybe i’ll post up naughty pictures of celebrities tomorrow…mmm.

Till tomorrow then. *updated* Just had a quick browse through the Arsenal News and now I leave you with a hilarious take by Arseblogger on the machinegun that is Adebayor. Bloody man talks faster than he thinks. One part of the video, he’s panting, his brain catching up with his mouth hahaha. Got to love this guy. enjoy the video! P.S Hleb was deservedly man of the match. Bless him.


Match Review – Philade: the tonic that sent us 5 points clear

Very good morning to you, Gooners. And if you’re not a Gooner and you’re reading this, well…WE ARE 5 POINTS CLEAR! It was an emotional roller-coaster during the evening, I checked the online tv listings and found on the time slots between 12am to 6am stating a repeat of some birmingham game that was played over the weekend. And “Final whistle” stated at 6am between the time slots of 6am to 12pm…i thought my cable subscriber had screwed me over again and then decided to fuck with my mind.

Thank god that i checked with my pal, Siren, and she told me our game is going to be shown ‘live’ at 3:55 am. So its 6:25am now and you’ve guessed it, i woke up after a very short nap to catch the game. And i’m so fucking tired now but its all worth it! Worth looking at the Jedi Lion’s roar below.
If you read my post yesterday, i commented on how i struggled to name a squad of 16. Arsene Wenger must have been chuckling to himself, because he fooled me and possibly our dear friend, Mark Hughes. The second fool is enjoying the little personal Gaelic joke less because contrary to Le Boss’s earlier reports, we still fielded quite a strong 11. Of the surprise inclusions were Big Phil and Mathieu Flamini.
1st Half – We started brightly with an inter-changeable 4-5-1(to me anyway), but it looked more like 4-2-3-1(to me anyway) with Matt and Gilberto hanging back to protect the back 4 and Eduardo, Cesc, Hleb confusing the Blackburn defence by exchanging runs and flanks. It worked. We ran them silly from the starting whistle and a corner from Eduardo found a rampaging Senderos who duly got past his marker and headed a powerful header home. It was nice to see him score…like the football gods rewarded him for his fine performances for the past few weeks that Kolo was away. And we had another 18 minutes of fine possession and attacking play but we just lacked the final pass. Which sort of lead to a 20 minute period where we seem to be letting our foot off the gas a little, Rovers had 3 chances but they fucked them all up. Actually, we were quite lucky they fluffed their chances…ah what the hell “Har-Har!”.

i forgot one thing, it was really a breath of fresh air not seeing the 2nd biggest cunt in world football, Robbie Savage, playing for Blackburn. Everything just seemed so much calmer and nicer without that poxy fuckturd.
2nd Half – After a 5 minute spell where Blackburn carried on from where they left off in the 1st half…and we just dominated. I don’t remember any on-target shot attempts from Blackburn in the 2nd half at all! So we clogged and battered through their defence time and again, searching for the 2nd goal. Alex Hleb was excellent, Cesc was inching closer to his imperious best and Gilberto looked much sharper than the past couple of times he’s pulled the red and white. And just when i thought Ade won’t score for this game, the clock turns 91 and after good work by Hleb and Sagna down the right, the togonator gets the ball and pivots before slamming a shot into the bottom left corner of the Blackburn net!

Overall i’m bloody glad we took advantage of the situation and the 5 points will give us some breathing space. Okay i’m really really tired now. I need to take a nap right now. Practically dozing off as i write this. Read ya’ll soon.



Blackburn Match Preview plus overdue post, “Shit when its St. Totteringham’s day.”

Missed me? If you didn’t know by now i had to stop blogging for a bit due to the Lunar New Year celebrations. Yes, my excuse is only valid for the days of(last week) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday…so what happened to Monday and Tuesday? I was writing Monday’s blog on monday morning but work happened. In fact, so much work happened i had to work doubly hard on Tuesday and it spilled over to Wednesday. So i didn’t really have a good reunion dinner and all that. Whatever, i’m back after the short break and you can read my ramblings again. Until the next time there’s more work and some crap holiday i can’t enjoy. BUT! i have some remnants of what was supposed to be Monday’s blog below the match preview for the game tonight. So read it if you like.

Team news ahead of the match against Blackburn is that we’re cunting doomed. We have no one to put on the field against the Tossers from Lancashire. Its quite depressing to be honest. RVP, Diaby, Denilson, etc are still out. Song is out. Apparently we’re down to 11 men/we have 11 men down. I suppose i can sign a one day contract, just pay me $2000 pounds in crisp 1 dollar notes so i can have a stack of them to show off when i go to the strip club. One problem with that tho, there are no strip clubs here. Oh i digress, yeah i’ll gladly sit my yellow ass on the bench to make up the numbers, Boss.

Probable Squad of 16 (BIG CHINESE NEW YEAR GONG!):

Wookash Fabianski
Jens Lehmann
Willie Gallas
Justin Hoyte
Gael Clichy
Gilberto Silva
Nicklas Bendtner
Armand Traore
Kerrea Gilbert
Harvard Nordveit

I was really struggling to come up with the list above and wow, we have no midfielders on the bench. AT ALL. WE’RE SO CUNTING DOOMED!
So i guess we’ll see Justin Hoyte playing CB along Gallas..I originally wanted to put Gilberto in there but there are no more DMs for us. Song could have filled in for either positions but he’s crocked as well. I think Le Boss will go for the 4-5-1 with Hleb sitting just behind Ade’s ass.

Bleargh. Work just knocked on my proverbial door again. I’m not sure if my fucking cable provider will show the match tonight so hopefully i’m awake to either arse on the arses or just watching red circles appearing on a green screen telling me “Ball goes out for corner”, “Jens Lehmann saves shot” or “Sagna throw in”. I have half the mind to poop on the huge satellite dish next to the highway, just to make a point. Fucking basturds. Hehe. Turds. I’m funny.

To answer some of the comments left on my previous post, ‘holic: i’ll go find out what happened to him. Shai: yes i was quietly plotting my own doom during the holidays and neglected to post.

2-0 to the Arsenal tonight with the customary Ade goal and Walcott slipping past Samba for a tap in. I hope. You can read on for last Tuesday’s intended post, if not…SING FOR THE GUNNERS TONIGHT!


“Shit when its St. Totteringham’s Day”

Guten Morgen. I hope your Monday went well, mine went swimmingly until my workload just tripled within 1 hour…thus no post yesterday. Luckily there was also fuck all to talk about yesterday, which would have meant a very boring No-Link-Monday.

On Sunday i promised a post full of shit and wit. I’m not so sure about the wit part now but there should be lots of shit to read about in the next 2 minutes. Let’s get to it then. We’re into the 26th match week of the 07/08 season, and after 25 games Arsenal is on top of the League (I love saying that over and over all the time) with 60 points and our neighbours, the Spurms are 11th with 29 points. There are 13 more games to go (no games in hand for either club) and for St. Totteringham’s Day to happen very early this season, we just need to win the next 3 games.

Because, lets say the Totts actually win all 13 games and build up to 68 points, we, the Mighty Arsenal, just need to make it a nice 69 to finish on top of them. Except that the Spurms won’t win all 13 games and we definitely have a good chance of beating the next 3 League opponents – Blackburn (Home), Birmingham (Away) and Aston Villa (Home). Basically this could be the earliest date in a season that St. Totteringham’s Day would be celebrated, 1st of March 2008! Cue in lots of beer-guzzling, strippers and mass prank calling to Spud buddies. “Hello, did you know it was a holiday today?? What? you didn’t realize? Ah, shame then! Happy St. Totteringham’s Day to you, dear Sir! *everyone cackles maniacally at the same time in the room*”

Ahh… warms my heart. From now on, please sacrifice more goats and calves to whoever you pray to and hopefully we can celebrate 1st of March! I will take leave that day just so i can watch North London derbies that we’ve won over and over and over and over again.

Good ‘morrow.

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