Henry as God…7 days till the visit from A.C Milan.

Guten Morgen to you. After reading up on some news on Arsenal…there’s nothing much to talk about, to be honest. Let’s see…
Former player and ultimate Legend Thierry Henry takes time off from playing for Barca and becomes spiritual guide to Adebayor. All very religious sounding except that Henry ‘speaks’ to Ade through a more modern way of communication called text messaging…rather than the traditional methods like sending prophetic dreams or a firm booming voice when Ade kneels besides his bed before he lays his corn-rowed head on his pillow. And rather than preaching about doing good for the benefit of mankind, TH14 sends teachings of scoring goals for the benefit of Arsenalkind. Which is cool because i can imagine TH14 in a white robe going, “Ade…you have sinned before, taking too many touches and letting the ball richochet off you. But i’m proud of you now my son, you are learning My Ways well. Sacrifice more StarWars figurines and posters of Carrie Fisher in that golden bikini tonight and you will be rewarded.”

Can you tell i’m bored outta my mind? I didn’t think so. Not much else is going on, Mark Hughes blabbers on and on about something which i won’t bother to link to because i feel it will waste 5 minutes of your life. Big Phil, scorer of the very important first goal against Blackburn just 2 nights ago, doesn’t mind winning ugly. No shit, Phil. Ivorian dance duo, Koboue&Elo, are back to jiggy their funky asses against Yanited this weekend.

Which brings me to ponder my next point…there’s bit of a selection headache for the FA Cup tie. Good headaches like the form of Philippe Senderos over the tiredness of Kolo Toure. Bad headaches like having an eye on the Champions League match against AC Milan next Wednesday. I know the Boss says “We only focus on winning the next game we play”, but surely even Wenger would be pondering about that a bit. Which is why he’s good at what he does then. Which is also why i’m not the manager of Arsenal.

Looking at different information about AC Milan and trying to find our head to head stats is quite heavy for a Wednesday morning…so i’m taking the time tonight to go research a little…if i find good info, there’ll be a long post tomorrow. if i find shit, there’ll be hardly anything then. Maybe i’ll post up naughty pictures of celebrities tomorrow…mmm.

Till tomorrow then. *updated* Just had a quick browse through the Arsenal News and now I leave you with a hilarious take by Arseblogger on the machinegun that is Adebayor. Bloody man talks faster than he thinks. One part of the video, he’s panting, his brain catching up with his mouth hahaha. Got to love this guy. enjoy the video! P.S Hleb was deservedly man of the match. Bless him.


3 Responses to “Henry as God…7 days till the visit from A.C Milan.”

  1. February 13, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    First song. Buenos dias.

    A pool fan posted that video on my cbox… funny innit?

    I’m telling you Ade’s ‘my man’ is really cute. And Alex’s facial expressions are priceless.

    I’m still high… although the pressure of the weekend is beginning to seep in…


  2. February 14, 2008 at 12:31 am

    *gasp… ithinktheyshouldhavesubtitlesforwhenadebayorgivesanyinterviewcuzthatguyreallyspeaksveryfast..*gasp

  3. February 14, 2008 at 2:23 am

    yeah well. my thoughts about this weekend will be posted in tomorrow’s blog. and

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