We’re Praying for you, Eduardo.

Its been a tough week as i’ve had shitty clients to deal with and also my call-up to the army reserves. Thus the lack of blog-age. Compounded with a fine display against an aging Meelan defence but only ended the game with a draw, I was looking forward to the Birmingham match because i know the lads would be full of vigor to shake off the mid-week crap.

Little did i know…

I won’t bother with the usual match review, because its still painful to remember the looks on our players’ faces. Its even more painful when i look through the pictures available on the internet to show us how horrible the tackle is. Arseblog has a picture that shows Martin-Taylor-“i am a nasty fucker with no values and i have leprosy on my testicles, plus i was molested as a child” sliding in for a tackle with studs up ABOVE the ankle of Eduardo.

The more i look at that photo, the more i’m convinced that No-Values-Raped-in-the-ass-Nasty-Fucker-Leprosy-on-Testicles-Martin-Taylor had other intentions than to get the ball cleanly. If you look at picture no.4 from this link (originally from ANR), the fucker was smiling. Smiling! There are no words to describe the kind of things i want to do to 2 people right now.

1. Martin-I-went-to-school-with-rapist-janitors-and-they-called-me-Baby-Taylor: I’ve only had the heart to read 2 Arsenal blogs so far after saturday and both suggested rightly that the fucker mentioned above would need to be punished far more than 3 fucking matches. Ban him for a year? I want to ban him from ever playing football again. Or better yet. I want to play footy against him and have all my mates, including the rapist janitors give him sliding tackles above the ankle, with the fucker’s boot firmly wedged into the ground and after one fracture, i’d like to tape it back crudely and do the same again, for over 45 minutes, i want him to not be able to stand up again. Yes, that is the degree of violence i’m willing to inflict on him.

2. Mike-I-am-a-half-ass-fuck-face-and-i-used-to-lick-goat-balls-Dean: Fuck you. You are full of shit and you are not even fit to referee a playground game. If i were in Italy, i’d pay top dollar to take a contract out on you. Clichy tackled the ball cleanly and you fucked it all up. Fuck you and i’ll gladly pay anyone to shove a year’s worth of garbage up his ass. I should not go on anymore because i’ll just keep going.

All the Singapore Gooners’ thoughts and prayers are with Eduardo Da Silva. He does not deserve such an injury and may God bless him. A career that was on the verge of taking off with Arsenal and i pray my darndest every day and night that he’ll return and continue his journey with us. I hope you would join me in prayer for him as well.

At the same time, my wish is for this incident to fire up the lads to go on and finish the season strongly. Like Arseblogger says, fuck all the rest and let’s just go do this. For Eduardo, and for Arsenal. We’ve gotten this far without any foreign investments and if those billionaire owners want to sabotage our efforts by paying off hatchet men and referees, they’ve got it coming. Let’s do it lads, if this is not a sign that we need to stuff their words back into their asses, i don’t know what is.


3 Responses to “We’re Praying for you, Eduardo.”

  1. February 25, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    1st song.

    I will pray for Eduardo everyday. I cannot express my utter disgust at Birmingham – yes as a team now since they have all made Taylor the victim.

    Gawd I love Dudu. He has officially taken over Manuel’s position on my list (haha).


  2. February 25, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Watch out rest of premier league…we’re all fired up now!

  3. February 26, 2008 at 12:51 am

    3rd song. been a while but here i am – singing for eduardo…

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