By Steve-o


I’ve been a Gooner since 1994. I’ve seen the nose of Adams, marveled at the speed of Overmars, admired the artistry of Bergkamp, gawked at the strength of Vieira, amazed by the skill of Henry, flabberghasted by the brilliance of Fabregas and of course, thanked God for giving Arsene Wenger to the Arsenal.

Campaigning for a noisier atmosphere for the gooners everywhere (read:Singapore), i’ve taken it upon myself to pick up the different chants and songs – I used to be the loudest bugger at the local Gooner pub and i’m really glad those days are over. Because now there are idiots who are as loud as(if not louder than) me, who can sing to be the all too cliched 12th man. Although i’m not quite sure the lads can hear it all the way from Ashburton.

Thus, the blog title – Gunnersing (or the fact that i’m from Singapore)

GOOD OL’ ARSENAL! We’re proud to sing that name!


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