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Thoughts on Hleb, Flamini, Nasri and Defence.

Finally some time on a Sunday night to write about certain Arsenal related stuff. Yes i’ve disappeared yet again because of heavy workload, certain women in my life and of course the ridiculousness of “silly season”.

One day i’ll read reports like “Gomez high on Wenger’s list” the next day a headline claims Adebayor’s head turned by AC Milan.

On that note, all credit to the Togonator (© Arseblog) to have went on not once, but twice! to say “Pshaw! Youse-discreditin-me-man-we-be-tight-at-Arsenal-and-i-can’t-wait-to-talk-fast-on-interviews-next season.”

So. Hleb is going. All these fucking bollocks talking through his agent made me lose so much of my respect for him. And i really liked him because in the few instances he actually stood up for the men next to him (sorry, just watched 300), Alex Hleb actually lead me to believe that he was happy at Arsenal. Well, thats all bullshit now innit? Only goes to show whatever measure of loyalty he had at the beginning of the season was only fleeting. Till the damn news is official, my “Fuck Off!” to you is hiding in the shadows like a cloaked dagger.

Flamini… why? If you leave for pastures anew, whatever. Why add salt to our ulcers (not the potentially fatal ones but the ones in your mouth that form after you bite the inner linings of your mouth). Shut your fucking trap after you go so you maintain some kinda dignity and most of us MIGHT still think fondly of you. But noooo, talk talk talk, yak yak yak. What the fuck. The whole “i didn’t go to Milan for money” is whole load of horse-eye-gunk and you know it. Please don’t take us Gooners for tools. We’re not that dense. Just because you majored in Law, does not make you the Dog’s bollocks. You, my dear mistake-of-making-you-a-wallpaper-of-the-month friend can bugger off. Die in Uefa cup hell, little bitch.

Nasri. Well then. It seems like we REALLY have the deal all wrapped up now. I don’t know, its kinda irritating to be an Arsenal fan during the summer because we operate under the radar when it comes to transfers (in). Don’t get me wrong, i totally agree with this because we won’t get bullshit from the usual transfer humdrum like other clubs do. But we miss out on the sequence of going on to soccernet-get all excited about rumour-soccernet announces the deal-we whoop!-and see the official news on…now we have to contend with rubbish rumour mongering on rubbish news sites and get our emotions all toyed with.

Just like a manipulative lover, but in a footballistic sense.

Back to Nasri, I’m not sure if he’s what we need but with Vela coming in, and Rosicky seemingly repaired and Walcott ready to take on more of a full time role in the 1st Eleven, i’d say yes. Exciting dribbler and young and french. Why the fuck not huh?

Right. So. What now for defence then. Like most arsenal bloggers, i don’t think willie and toure work well together. Honestly, for a team that the manager keeps on repeating about team spirit and togetherness, we sure ain’t showing it. Let me put across a question,

If our current Captain did not have that little crying fit at Birmingham and actually went on to spur the troops on,

a) would we have done better in the League and CL?
b) would flamini have left?
c) would hleb have been touched by the togetherness of the squad?

Another question begs, did Gallas actually pull the players aside to talk to them about how this team can go on to win bigger things?

Its easier to say “lets not make him a scapegoat” but seriously now, i’m a big fan of the notions that a great leader can bring a bunch of misfits and make them work together, a great leader can also bring a bunch of good players and make them great. Inspiration is underrated in this case, i feel. In my personal experience, a battle cry thats full of rage and energy can actually spur a bunch of misfits that didn’t even want to make an effort to rush up the hill in the first place…imagine what a properly timed “come on, let’s tear them apart!!” would do to a bunch a young players that already have great tenacity?

No, Gallas is not the right Captain. Giving him another season might be an option but i’d rather not risk it. But then, I’m not Le Gaffer so we have to put our trust in him then. Till the next time we have spectacular news…read you later.


Tuesday Ramblings – to keep or not to keep

Hi everyone, early post today because i feel like it. Yes i felt like it.

What’s there to talk about? Silly season is creeping closer and closer and of course i’m infected by the illness as well. Speculation is always fun. Just don’t put it as a “definite buy” or “my uncle’s grocer, Mr Tim Green, who buys Lotto all day dreaming about travelling to the Playboy Mansion with his step-son, who works as a ball boy in the Emirates, who’s dating the pre-match Arsenal Ladies’ Under-19’s captain, whose mom is the niece(twice removed) of Peter-Hillwood”….i lost my point.

I agree with most of what Arsene has been saying…that we need to keep this pack of players together because the more concrete the partnerships are, the better we’ll sync on the pitch and play the sort of football that we have been trained to play. Key partnerships this season has been the Fab-Flam-Hleb axis in the middle of the park. So definitely i want to keep all 3 of them. Rosicky would have made that axis a foursome but he’s been out for so much of the season. I’d keep Rosicky as a handy “experienced” player, he’s the Captain of the Czech Republic team after all. Theo’s here for a while yet so i shan’t bother. Ade and RVP needs to stay because their styles do seem to fit well, but hasn’t been given a proper chance to gel or blossom for more than 2 months running. Okay i’m running out of people that i want to keep. So….

Nicklas Bendtner – I like him but he’s a luxury i’m not sure i want to keep. Everyone seems to hate him for some reason and i’m glad the club ain’t telling us why. Big Ben must have said something really bad like “i think you’re mom’s cooking tastes like old boots”. Brrr, Ben you should’ve known better. Keepability: 4/10

Eboue – By the fact that i don’t even want to spell his full name you’d have guess how much i detest him. Its not that he’s shit, no, not at all. Its that he’s capable of so much more! We’ve seen him cross perfect balls from the right, so we know he can deliver assists. We’ve seen him shoot on sight and he does have a mean shot that can really unnerve keepers, so we know he can shoot. We’ve seen him tear up the right flanks with his pace and skill so we know he can attack. We’ve seen him working well with Toure when he was a right back so we know he can defend. But why isn’t he doing all these now? Why hasn’t he been adding on to his repertoire? Yes, players do get spells of bad form but 1 and a half seasons of crap isn’t just bad form! I’m tired of seeing him on the pitch. Thats all i can say now. Keepability: 1/10

Jens Lehmann – I love him but its time…thats all. Team morale can affect a young team greatly and i don’t think his constant abuse of Almunia will help matters. Same applies to Nicky. Maybe he’ll stay to give tips to Fabianski on how to be mental, but that would be too fun for him because he’ll sit behind the posts all day taunting Almunia. Keepability: 5/10

Gilberto – This is tricky. I love this guy, all round nice dude who’s quite the zen master sometimes and works quietly in his role…served us so well for the past few seasons. Something just tells me that he won’t be happy playing 2nd or 3rd fiddle to Flam and possibly Diaby/Denilson/Song. How do you replace his experience and winning mentality?

Update: I saved and published the post i wrote and i talked about Huntelaar and Robinho but its all gone now. I’m not very happy with the new WordPress blogging format so excuse me while i go have my lunch instead of typing my entry all over again. Bye.


A long time coming…plus Match Preview.

Hi Everyone, I hope there are still some of you still here 🙂 Been a while hasn’t it? Thanks for dropping in once in a bit to check up on me but its really been crappy life-wise and work-wise. Will i blog tomorrow? Should be. Will i disappear for a while again? Shouldn’t be. Intriguing isn’t it?

Enough about me. Lets come back to the matter at hand then. Tonight’s match (this afternoon for the UK netizens) comes at a time where supposedly it “doesn’t matter” anymore. I say, fadaddash. There i said it. Fadaddash. We need to win because there’s still the “possibility” of getting 2nd and having the luxury of not having to qualify for CL like the past 2 seasons.

We also need to win because we haven’t won for a long time. The last time we won happily was…if memory serves me right, the great and awesome night at AC Milan. No wait, when we came back from 2-0 to win 2-3 at Bolton? Which was still a long time ago. I do have many unspoken things about how we dropped points, yada yada…Oh right, because i didn’t blog about them. Idiot.

Team news ahead of the match, the peroxide one did not make it back on time from the Candy Shop down Piccadilly Street so Mad Jens stays in between the posts tonight. Justin Heezle to the Wizzle Hoyte, Bacary Sagna, Rosicky, Matty are still out while the Brazilian, Denilson could feature some way tonight. Which leaves us with the possibility of playing the most retarded Gunner (but seriously i heard that he’s not very bright) on the right again. I seriously do not like slagging off a player but what the hell, i don’t want to see him playing tonight and if i had a choice, never again.

Unfortunately he’ll play anyway so…let’s skip on ahead to other news. Le Boss wants to come back tonight all fists swinging like a cornered boxer. Can he land an uppercut on Eboue’s chin before the match so we can list him as “injured during warm up”? Also, the professor explains why he left Phil out last weekend. Which is clearly a huge facade because secretly, Phil Senderos was sent to Sicily to hire a contract out on Alex Ferguson and even more secretly to let Eboue “sleep with the fishes” discreetly…I heard Eboue likes fish tho, shucks. There seems to be some speculation already on the Captaincy of Willie “big penis” Gallas. Apparently Wenger walked into the showers after a game to speak to Cesc about a new tactic and the Flamster almost tripped the Boss while powdering his bollocks nearby. I say the bigger equipment wins all the time.

In other news, despite popular opinion, we are not in the market for David Villa. Excuse me but when do we discuss the property market…huh? David Villa is a player? Really? Never heard of him. From Valencia? Where? Spain? Sure… Flamster is given a deadline to sign the new contract for us. Personally i want him to stay but i guess if he really wanted to, he would have done so already. He did give his best for us this season so there should be no gripes about his performances to “push for a move”. See what i’m trying to do here? Reverse psychology. Last thing. I called Wenger’s bluff last week when he said “i’m only going to add one experienced player to the squad” because this week he says “i want one or two quality, real quality, players…”, so basically in Wengergebra we want 3 players – 1 old one and 2 younger, fast zippy ones.

Okay i’m done. I have to go pay some bills and possibly take a nap to rest my weary ankles from playing 6-a-side footy at 2 am in the freaking morning today. Fingers crossed we keep a clean sheet and score from a direct free kick plus from corner and from open play tonight. I’ll read you tomorrow.


No-Link-Monday: Kolo, Woody & Man Yanited

Good Monday to you and welcome to another NLM at Gunnersing. Which means fuck all except that you don’t have annoying links to click and i report the stories to their fullest, juicy, detail. In a summarized fashion of course, or Steve-o will be caught “lifting” articles wholesale from the original source. You know what that means.

Kolo Toure’s groin injury suffered at the African Cup of Nations is not as bad as we feared. According to the Arsenal medical team who flew King Kolo into Paris to assess him, he’ll be fine in “eight to 10 days”. Le Boss says “Kolo has a Grade One groin problem,” he smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Heh, i said groin, hehe, *ahem* ,it will keep him out for eight to 10 days – but he will stay with the Ivory Coast squad for the rest of the tournament.” Good news then, but Kolo won’t be back in time for the FA Cup tie against Yanited (more on that later). I hope Big Phil continues his good run of form then.

There was a 5 minute flurry of transfer rumour activity for me today as i took a break from work, we were linked with a last minute bid for Boro’s Jonathan Woodgate. Allegedly the 3rd party to sneakily sneak in to scupper Spurm’s efforts to bolster their defence, the news was reported on a few reputable Arsenal Blogs, Soccernet and Skysports. I was genuinely flummoxed, why Woody? I’d spend the reported 7 million pounds plus 4 million on top to get Micah Richards. And in 5 minutes, an announcement from the Club’s Official Website, Wenger hrmphs and says, “I do not know where that story came from, there is no truth in it at all. We have never been in touch with Middlesbrough about Jonathan Woodgate.” before putting his spectacles back on his nosebridge, smiling his mischievous smile for the 2nd time today. “Heh, i said Wood.” Yes you did, Boss, yes you did.

And the big news today is that we drew Man Yanited for the next round of the FA Cup. When i saw the draw, i thought we were gonna get Barnsley or Huddersfield, but of course, the lords of football (read: the corrupt forces of the underworld gambling mafia) didn’t agree and sent Arsenal to Old Trafford for the tie. “Fuckety Fuck Fuck,” Siren texted me after i told her that we drew Yanited. “Fuckety Fuck Fuck,” she said again after I told her that we will play away at OT. I could only manage a “Bleah”. Looking at the pic above, i realized so much had happened since the last time we won the FA Cup. DB10 retired, PV4 gone, Reyes became a wanker, Cuntley Cunt became a question mark, CescFab4 cut his hair, Lauren’s part of the Dad’s army and most importantly, we’ve had a good run of results against the hated redblacks in recent times. I won’t say anymore to continue my silent belief of the anti-jinx. Let’s look forward to screaming our heads off when the tie comes around then.

Alright, i’m going back to work and i hope to read you tomorrow. Get in the comments huh? its getting a little lonely tonight. Guten Morgen and all that.


Angry Thursday


No happy picture for you guys today. But i feel exactly like the legend above. I was coasting along, accepting the defeat graciously because it had to happen and the circumstances – atmosphere, attitude, readiness, lack of skill, etc, compounded everything into one ball of reasonable angst. I dealt with that quite well. Until i went out last evening for a drink.

Anticipating ribbing from certain people, i tried my best keeping away from them so i won’t get any “banter”. But still it happened. All you need to know is that i’m not pleased at all and the tactless event that occurred left a very sour taste in my mouth. I may be all smiles but don’t take that as a sign of weakness. Losing 6-2 over 2 legs to your greatest enemy is no laughing matter and it would be nice that if you, as understanding as you are, won’t rub it in.

More fallout continues as the biggest victim of the result, apparently our young Theo Walcott, is gonna be farmed out on loan to get him “to be more ready”. I believe its a good idea, i hope he does well if he goes out on loan…if not, his time in Arsenal will be cut short. I hope not, for his sake.

Its really ridiculous to note the intense frenzy from media and fans alike to write us off, proclaim that we need signings immediately, youth policy in cups is flawed and so on. Where were you when we were in the Carling Cup finals last year? Saying Wenger has lost the plot after 1 defeat in the Carling Cup with 50% kids playing? Are you out of your fucking mind? These are the same people who doomify(not a word) us at the start of the season, saying we won’t even be in the top four, need more signings to cover up the big hole that TH14 left blah blah blah. What’s worse, these are fans as well. WHAT THE FUCK. I remember the first few matches we had at the beginning of the season, we were almost always 1 goal down till the last 20 minutes and there were 2 wankers, 1 scruffy pot-bellied Caucasian old man and one tall shapeless pan-asian guy who were whining and moaning about Arsene Wenger’s transfer policies, that we were gonna be fucked this season. The scruffy Caucasian even criticized us singing the “One Arsene Wenger” song. We won that match and they kept quiet. Next match, they come back, we went 1 goal down again and they repeated the same bollocks and we won in the end, they shut their fucking traps up. We had an unbeaten run and i didn’t see them at the pub anymore. I bet you they’ll be back this weekend.

Get a fucking grip. We’re 2nd of the League, with goal difference, we exited the semi-finals of the Carling Cup playing mostly kids all the way, we’re still in the FA Cup, in the last 16 of UCL. Jesus Christ, its almost like we are Newcastle or Fulham.

Rant over. Time to jam with my band. Toodles everyone, hope your evening gets better.


Tuesdays suck.

King Kolo Toure

Dumb Tuesday.

How are you then? I got stood up for a dinner date and that really pissed me off. I wore my best cologne and nicest pair of casual trousers no less. Whatever.

There is almost fuck all to blog about today, so i’ll think of something as i go along. Luke Freeman’s deal is not a done deal yet, so says his current manager. Okay, he’s a 15-year-old striker who’s rather special because “he’s rather special to be playing for the first team a few times at his tender age”, so says Le Boss. We apparently want this 18-year-old Ghanaian, Andre Ayew, son of Adebi Pele. At the same time, we have Vyacheslav Dmitriev torpedoed in from Torpedo Moscow (allegedly). I’m hoping he’s handy with submarines, or something like that.

Absolutely fuck-all ain’t it? And this part right here is made up again because i was really writing witty and gut busting literature until i clicked on another link on my browser and lost all the shit that wasn’t auto-saved. So you just have to deal with whatever i’m typing now, which is a re-hash of wittier stuff, meh. I think i mentioned that something about us needing a winger. Right, we need a winger and you wanna know what i think? I think we should bring Kieran Gibbs into the side and give him a run. I liked the looks of him during the Emirates cup and the Carling cup matches, he’s played in the left-mid role and done surprisingly well as a left-back as well. He seems to be able to adapt to his senior colleagues pretty quickly so why waste him??

True to my word(as mentioned in the post a couple days back), i have a brand new wallpaper for you today. King Kolo Toure is the featured player on this one so click on the link gently and get yourself one of Gunnersing’s originals, you know you want to. Its Kolotastic. Feel free to leave comments because i’m a feedback whore.

Anyway, tomorrow’s wednesday and as promised i’ll be out for dinner and drinks. Please call me at 1800-STEVE-WANTS-FREE-CIDER if you wanna join me. And since i’d be out getting my food on and my drink on, you can expect a very early post, around the time when Arseblog posts *ooo*. After you get your daily arses in, you can pop by and say hi. Because its the right thing to do.

To conclude, tomorrow’s post will be the eagerly awaited piece on “Adebayor’s Math”, where i shed light on the formula to how our Togonator scores his goals. It will be a short one. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen.


Monday is no links day.


Good monday, after some crap from work this afternoon, there is some respite in the evening and here i am, writing this post for you.

Gunnersing officially announces that Mondays are ‘No links’ days. Which means you don’t have to deal with clicking on links that actually bring your blog-reading arse to another site that might have more substantial information on whatever i’m talking about(which actually means i don’t have to link the sources, which also might mean getting me into trouble some way or another, but whatever). So on to Arsenal-related news then.

Transfer news front:
Lehmann is still at Arsenal (boo Gunnersing boo!), Wenger wanted to bring Beckham to Arsenal a couple of years back, we are allegedly interested in a youth keeper called Fabricio who currently plays for Deportivo B and there is fuck-else.

Team talk front:
Wenger is confident that we will learn from the Birmingham game, which means he’ll bring out the leather-clad S&M mistresses to whip the lads back into the form that we all enjoy watching. Clichy is confident that we will learn from the Birmingham game, which means he’ll put a gag in his mouth in pace training with whip happy S&M mistresses behind him in chariots pulled by Spurm academy rejects.

Anyway, i wanted to bring out the topic of Adebayor’s Math. But since there is no mid-week game, i will save that for tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the day after. Fine, definitely on Wednesday then. So i will leave you ladies and gents with 2 things. Firstly, Emma Byrnes (as commented by my buddy ‘holic [as it’s no links monday, his site is the first one on the blogroll] on yesterday’s post) is an Arsenal Ladies player (keeper) and she’s Hawt.

And secondly, Football is Football. What do you think? Is Football, Football? Danke for reading, all 7 of you readers. Till tomorrow then.

Good ‘morrow.

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