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A short one before Monday.

Hope you lads enjoyed the weekend. I’m plenty knackered from playing footy this morning after only 3 hours of sleep. But the footy was good tho, scored a fluke goal at the end too to round it all up. I think i was inspired by the good play that was evident throughout the game on Saturday.

….which i will go into tomorrow. I’m so knackered that my eyes are protesting that i’m keeping them open till now. Somehow i couldn’t nap during the day for some reason. I do have alot of thoughts (which might or might not be reflected fully tomorrow) about the Reading game so i’ll definitely blog tomorrow.

So excuse me while i rest my Achilles. Cheers.


Pick-of-the-week: Faye White


Well, its that time of the week again. Friday. Its been a long day and to make matters worse i have nothing to fill up the evening with. Crap crap crappity crap. And now you’re stuck here reading and sharing the inexplicable link with me through the infinite and invisible electrical wires and doo-hickeys. Its like i’m touching you in your most private areas but you’re not here and i’m not there.

Yes, you’re right, stop touching your chin (scary isn’t it?), i’m a little insane from the lack of activity on a friday and also from the abundance of Grey Goose.

Okay, Fridays also bring you *gong sounds off* Steve-o’s pick of the week! And this week’s feature is our wonderful Arsenal Ladies’ Captain, Faye White.

She’s the centre back of our all conquering Ladies’ Team who won 4 major honours. How cool is that? Seriously. Now bow in reverence to her and pour some strong malt whiskey on the ground before you. Hopefully the combined powers of our alcoholic sacrifices will give our lads the impetus to stuff Newcastle 120 – 0. Yes 120 goals. In 90 minutes. Why not?

Okay i’m going back to my Barcadi instead. Match preview tomorrow…i hope. Guten Nacht.


Gunnersing out of commission

Good evening. I woke up this morning feeling like i took a crap outta my mouth. Yeah not really nice. Then i tried to do some work and then it got really weird nauseous suddenly and i had to take the day off. Lots of sleep later, i woke up feeling mucho better and got out for a bite.

Bad idea.

I came back feeling twice as bad than this morning and you know the rest. I’m gonna sign off now because i’m kinda sick and Diarra leaving for Pompey is kinda sickening as well. Because Flamster has not signed a new contract yet. He should sign off on his new contract like how i’m deciding to end today’s post now. Like right now.

Read you tomorrow. Have a good one.


Happy Hatchings!

Good morning. Today is the birth of this blogsite, adding to the multitudes of Gooner blogs, Arsenal related websites and the likes. As you can see from the picture above(taken at the best and only gooner pub on this bloody island), i’m a singing gooner and i’m from Singapore(believe it or not) and this is getting corny so i’ll stop. Well, in short, this is an Arsenal related blog written by an Arsenal fan, who encourages fellow Gooners to stand up and fecking sing for your beloved football club.

But i digress, because its my fecking birthday and i made a promise to the Dark one that if i give away 1 year of my life he would give Totts the shits again soon. So to start things right, i will be very honest with you, my dear readers, from the get-go.

1. I did not write this on my birthday, i cheated and wrote this on Wednesday because i don’t think i’d be arsed(heh) on my birthday to start writing the inaugural blogpost.

2. I am not a big fan of capping the i’s. Its not an excuse, i’m just fecking lazy.

3. I like to use the word “feck”, alot. Obviously, to replace the other 4 letter word, which i like to use even more.

4. This will be a very biased blog. I will mostly write in favour of the Arsenal and all the club’s undertakings, right down to how the groundsman’s dog’s poo is not as stinky as the dog’s poo who belongs to the groundsman from Yanited, Spurms or Chavski, etc. So if you are a rival club’s fan, i suggest you best take my writings with that in mind.

5. My standard of english is horrible (as it stands, it should be “my command of the english language”, see?) and if you’d like to correct me, you may go ahead and do so in the daily comments. I may not care, i may thank you or worse, i may have been drunk while writing. So there.

6. Any ideas to improve this blog are welcome.

7. Any naked photos of beautiful women are welcome.

8. Wigan is doing a good job(so far) of keeping Liverpool out of their goal. I’m hoping it continues.

9. I’m hungry now.

10. If you’d like to contribute to this blog, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. My email? its on the contact page.

So this is the very first post of this very new Arsenal blog. So new it smells like a fresh condom that was released from the confines of a carefully packaged foil wrap….except that it was opened 2 days ago and i’m only using it now. Figuratively of course. You know what i mean.

Oh, and 11. I shall strive to update this blog around the times of 2100hrs – 2200hrs (GMT +8) everyday. FA Cup Match Preview against Burnley to come up tomorrow i think. Cheerios.

*Update: Wigan drew with Liverpool, Tits-up Bramble actually scored. I’ll need to start going to church again.

**Update: The Wallpaper section is up! You can go here to download the very first wallpaper by gunnersing!

Good ‘morrow.

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