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We did it at San Siro! Milan 0 – 2 Arsenal!

Words fail me now… We did it against Meelan at San Siro and albeit a very tense 15 minutes in the first half, i believe most would agree with me that we did a good job. 0-2… i’m still rather pumped up, so forgive me if i’m not so coherent in the next few sentences.

So here i am, waiting for better photos from yahoo sports and editing them as fresh as they come.
One of our crucial players tonight was the man above, Mathieu Flamini. I think that he was tasked to keep Gattuso in his pocket, so that the Italian won’t be able to do much and influence the play. And Matty definitely kept Gattuso quiet.
Our defenders did put in a solid display as well, although i might argue that we were lucky on a few occasions when the ball did fall kindly to us. On that note, we made tackles higher up the pitch, in Meelan’s own half so we won’t give away too many dangerous freekicks. Spot on tactic, Arsene.
Cesc…our midfield maestro was in his element today, making great first half tackles and repeatedly got into good positions to dictate play. 2nd half you can see that he was more involved up front than back and of course that fucking paid off *huge grin*. Nonetheless, he helped alot in keeping a lid on Kaka, Meelan’s most dangerous player.
Look at those pictures…i’m getting goosebumps now, fucking hell. We waited for 84 minutes before the first goal came and what a goal it was!! It was totally unexpected because Ade was just ahead of him, Fab took a shot through the crowd and i think we woke the neighbours! (Was watching with 2 of my Gooner mates) Loved the celebration and love our lad, Francesc Fabregas, to bits! Siren wanted to have his baby after that goal…not surprising.
Cesc went straight to the bench and hugged Le Boss. Where naturally, everyone else came in and mobbed him. Love it! This is really goosebump material. I told you i’m incoherent now. *nods* We followed that up with a marvelous run by Theo Walcott on the right, where he got to a very very speculative pass and skipped pass one defender (possibly Ambrosini) and laid it off across the goalmouth for Adebayor, who didn’t miss this for the world and we made it 0-2 to the Arsenal with 2 minutes remaining in +4 injury time. This goal reminded me so much of the 5th goal when we were at the same ground playing Inter, Aliadere doing the deed.
Look at Phil, so happy! Our lads must be over the moon now. Christ i’m gonna have to leave you with that pic and i need to head to bed ­čÖé Have a good day, Gooners. We love the Arsenal.


Henry as God…7 days till the visit from A.C Milan.

Guten Morgen to you. After reading up on some news on Arsenal…there’s nothing much to talk about, to be honest. Let’s see…
Former player and ultimate Legend Thierry Henry takes time off from playing for Barca and becomes spiritual guide to Adebayor. All very religious sounding except that Henry ‘speaks’ to Ade through a more modern way of communication called text messaging…rather than the traditional methods like sending prophetic dreams or a firm booming voice when Ade kneels besides his bed before he lays his corn-rowed head on his pillow. And rather than preaching about doing good for the benefit of mankind, TH14 sends teachings of scoring goals for the benefit of Arsenalkind. Which is cool because i can imagine TH14 in a white robe going, “Ade…you have sinned before, taking too many touches and letting the ball richochet off you. But i’m proud of you now my son, you are learning My Ways well. Sacrifice more StarWars figurines and posters of Carrie Fisher in that golden bikini tonight and you will be rewarded.”

Can you tell i’m bored outta my mind? I didn’t think so. Not much else is going on, Mark Hughes blabbers on and on about something which i won’t bother to link to because i feel it will waste 5 minutes of your life. Big Phil, scorer of the very important first goal against Blackburn just 2 nights ago, doesn’t mind winning ugly. No shit, Phil. Ivorian dance duo, Koboue&Elo, are back to jiggy their funky asses against Yanited this weekend.

Which brings me to ponder my next point…there’s bit of a selection headache for the FA Cup tie. Good headaches like the form of Philippe Senderos over the tiredness of Kolo Toure. Bad headaches like having an eye on the Champions League match against AC Milan next Wednesday. I know the Boss says “We only focus on winning the next game we play”, but surely even Wenger would be pondering about that a bit. Which is why he’s good at what he does then. Which is also why i’m not the manager of Arsenal.

Looking at different information about AC Milan and trying to find our head to head stats is quite heavy for a Wednesday morning…so i’m taking the time tonight to go research a little…if i find good info, there’ll be a long post tomorrow. if i find shit, there’ll be hardly anything then. Maybe i’ll post up naughty pictures of celebrities tomorrow…mmm.

Till tomorrow then. *updated* Just had a quick browse through the Arsenal News and now I leave you with a hilarious take by Arseblogger on the machinegun that is Adebayor. Bloody man talks faster than he thinks. One part of the video, he’s panting, his brain catching up with his mouth hahaha. Got to love this guy. enjoy the video! P.S Hleb was deservedly man of the match. Bless him.


Match Review – Ade stuffs Citeh’s Record

Are you feeling good? I am. *grin* Why?

  • First team in the league to beat Citeh at their homeground this season
  • ‘ahem’ Spurms drew with Yanited
  • Chavs drew to Arsenal B team

And we are TOP OF THE LEAGUE again! We’re on 60 points with Yanited on 58. So, before i go on further…i have to ask you Gooners a question.
No, sir Togonator, absolutely not. He is definitely my Man of the Match last night with 2 goals and 1 assist. A sizzling run of form the Jedi Lion (thanks arseblogger)is on. 5 goals in the last 3 games – two against toon in the league, 1 against toon in the FA Cup, 2 against Citeh last night, and i hope he’s really feeling the love of the fans now. Anyone eating humble pie yet? Yum.
I won’t tell you how the goals were scored because i believe alot of other Arsenal blogs do it better than me. All can be found on the blogroll on the right. What i’m gonna do is to give you all the nice photos i stole from yahoo sports pictures and some opinions on who did the job for us last night.
Steve-o’s Mentionables

Clichy – okay okay, he made a mistake but he still did his business. Elano was shut out and hardly had a sniff the whole game. He must be a little distracted by his first call up to the French team but its understandable eh?

Cesc – contrary to popular opinion, i thought he did well yesterday, had a shot that curled a little bit too much to the right, and made a few passes that actually would have turned into goals if the receivers were wearing their scoring boots. unfortunately they didn’t because i noted at least 4 potential assist making passes from him. he’s coming back i tell you.

big phil – did not make a mistake last night and was alert enough to try and stop the citeh goal on the goal line. alas his third leg did not grow hard fast enough to help. But in all seriousness, I give him top marks last night.

Eduardo – WHAT A GOAL. really deserved it after all the hard work he’s done for us upfront. I noticed he was really chasing the defenders the whole night and stopped around the halfway line, which was probably the end of his zone. I read somewhere he might be offside for his goal but whatever. no one else in the team would have attempted that shot last night and especially in that position with a defender and the goalkeeper breathing down his neck. But i think he secretly enjoys that…shhh, i won’t tell your secret, Dudu.
Look at the smile on Lehmann’s face? Warms your heart doesn’t it? Our old mad German…oh man what a character, i don’t think he will stay beyond this season and i know i for one will miss him when he goes.
Despite his poker face here, i bet he was thinking quietly, “ha! i show you what i do with a 6.5 million pound defence… buy, schmuy!” to himself. But i read somewhere (its not that i don’t want to put up the link but i can’t remember where i read it, honestly, give me a break huh?) that he had a chance to buy a “quality” player during the transfer window but he passed it up. I hope this won’t come back to bite my ass but yeah, as the old adage goes, Arsene Knows.

Okay, if i’m alive tomorrow, i’ll come up with something thats full of shit and full of wit. Shit and wit don’t often go well together but we’ll see huh? We’ll see. Till then, Auf Wiedersen.


FA Cup: Arsenal 3 – 0 Newcastle United


Good evening all, there was no chance for me to write a preview yesterday prior to the match because i was out the whole day, working the Steve-o magic, so that we will win.

And win we did. I missed the first half except for the one Diaby shot in the final minute before the break. “DIABY DIABY!!” i cried. Then i heard Rosicky limped off after 7 minutes, i was not happy. Super Tom was really getting into the momentum and form that would help us gain important points…hopefully he won’t be out for too long, we really need him in the next 2 weeks.

So, i go out for the customary half time puff and to make sure i do good on the “job” i’ve been doing the whole day, i spoke to a couple of really fit ladies (one’s from London and the other’s from Leicester) to get the seal of approval for our match. Well…we know what happened, our lads in the famous red & white took it up a notch and Adebayor scored a brace for us before a Cesc freekick from the left got headed into the toon net by Nicky Butt. Hehe. Thanks Butty Boy.

Steve-o’s Mentionables

Gael Clichy – This boy is amazing, i don’t call him “Crazy Legs” for nothing. Full of tireless running, he practically owned the left flank. It was so ridiculous that Diaby moved to the centre and Clichy was not even fazed. It could be that Newcastle were trying to exploit the relatively less experienced (our) right flank combo of Justin Hoyte and Theo Walcott but Gael has to be one of our most important players this season.

Eduardo (F.O.S.C) – Our Crozilian is really building up on his play with hardwork and determination, pressuring Shay Given and the toon defenders all the time. I believe if he keeps this up, one of these days we’d nick a nice goal or 2 just by mistakes from the opponent’s backline. He deserved a goal but the closest he got was him hitting the bar before Ade finished it off. Did anyone else see how F.O.S.C blocked off a defender to give Ade a little more space for his second goal? I did. Loved it.

Adebayor – Say what you want about him but this boy likes to prove his critics wrong. And with a smile too. The song is catchy as hellfire but unfortunately the lads in the local Gooner pub, Liz, didn’t join in the Hymn-like continual singing. WHY NOT??? JUST SING IT??? ITS JUST A FEW WORDS REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Anyway, its all dandy now and we happen to play some bunch of Black and White wearing….Kevin Keegan led…Deja Vu. Creepy.

Read you tomorrow, Gooners. Have a nice Sunday evening.


The bottom right corner: Fulham 0 – 3 Arsenal


Guten Tag, i’m typing this out during my lunch break. My apologies for not getting this match review out yesterday, was out the whole day and came back with what i suspect to be alcohol poisoning (which meant the previous crap wasn’t food poisoning), basically my body is protesting against the heavy boozing since 25th of Dec 2007. Nice.

So, you know the deal, we got all 3 points against our London neighbours Fulham and we sit 2nd of the table, 6 goals difference. Us keeping a clean sheet helped loads and will restore confidence to keeper and in particular Senderos. I felt we did pretty well in the first half, had about 10 mins to shake off the ghosts of Birmingham and on the 19th min, Rosicky fed Gael a pass down the wing and our most lovable leftback to date sent in a cross which Adebayor headed sweetly into the bottom right corner of Niemi’s net. After more dominance later, Flamini won a tackle and passed it to an on-rushing Hleb all at the same time (reminiscence of PV4 to DB10 in years past) which our Belarussian dispatched a perfect cross into the box and Adebayor, this time with less markers on him, planted another header into the same spot as the first goal.

2nd half, we didn’t make the same mistake of putting our foot off the gas and continued to have the lion’s share of possession. We could have easily scored 2 more goals with the chances created but i have no complaints there because we were playing 4-5-1 after the break. Dudu’s hard work down the left paid dividends as his cut back in the box fed an exuberant Rosicky who slid-slammed the ball into the same spot as the first 2 goals, yes, the bottom right corner.

Steve-o’s Mentionables

Philippe Senderos – Very assured performance and it was agreed among some of us at the pub that Big Phil needs games to gain confidence and momentum, definitely not a Cygan type. Well done and showed how manly he is, playing with a (presumably) broken nose.

Eduardo (F.O.S.C) – Didn’t score his usual time stopping goals but i felt he did his left wing role a lot of justice at this attempt. He is really adapting quite quickly and i really really hope this goes on for a long long time.

Cesc – Improving from game to game, didn’t open up defences with his usual magic but i think he made a note to step up other areas of his game. I hope you noticed that he got in quite a fair bit of defensive tackling and was quite successful as well. We’ll see him scoring again soon, i promise.

Rosicky – Should have been my man of the match because i thought he was impressive, he really put himself about and didn’t falter when he was switched to the right flank in the 2nd half. Fully deserved his goal.

Hleb – Did his thang, we missed him when he wasn’t around and i think he is picking up form again, coinciding with Cesc’s momentum, i think we’ll be quite set, form-wise, going into February. Where AC awaits.

Adebayor – I really really think he read my article on him. He wanted to prove my formula wrong and i didn’t see him put a foot wrong in the first half at all. Good on him. And very happy that our rambunctious away fans came up with a new song for him. See? Its good to sing for your Gunners.


In case you didn’t catch the words to the new Ade song, here’s some help from Goodplaya, who was there at Craven Cottage. “Adebayoooor, Adebayoooooorr-ooorrrr, give him the ball….and he will score” Have a look at the video on that post and you’ll have the tune and the atmosphere is really really lovely.

3 goals, 3 points and a new song. What a sweet way to start a new week. Read you laters, gooners. Pray my liver will withstand the onslaught of the liquid i chose for the week…WATER.


Adebayor Math


Guten Tag, its a mad rush of a day for me, and i’ll try to write this as much as i intended to. If you read my post yesterday, you’d have known i have dinner and drinks this evening…and i have some unexpected work to handle before i go for that so i’m practically sitting here with a furrow in my brow, if you’d like to imagine.

Before i start on the article, i’d like to thank the following blogs: Goonerholic, The Cannon and A Cultured Left Foot for featuring me on their blogrolls and links page. A special mention goes out to Goonerholic, or ‘holic as he likes to call himself, for featuring me on his “Hol-picks“(where he mentions a few selected posts that left an impression on him). Right, are you ready for the article? *gong sounds off*

Adebayor Math

I wasn’t a big fan of our Togonator, and not a big fan now either. But i do rate his efforts as our mainstay in the starting eleven. I agree with Arsene Wenger’s valuation of Adebayor, in terms of work rate and the qualities he brings to our team every week. Adebayor is almost the new version of Gilberto, doing the invisible work for us quietly but unlike the latter, he tries to do it with a smile. Enjoying his goals with dancing, sometimes i wonder if there was a way for his joy in playing for the Arsenal to be shared with the fans.

Most recently, he’s been the subject of quite a bit of stick. If i recall from my own experiences, be it in the pub or from various media sources(blogs, news articles, commentators), these are the common complaints;
a) doesn’t stay in the box enough
b) drifts out wide too often
c) inconsistent first touch
d) too many touches in front of goal
e) not clinical enough

I won’t support or fight these points, instead i’ll lay out some stats for you (no graphs or tables because i’ve simply not enough time). In 22 of the Premiership weeks so far, Ade has played 20 of them (19 starts and 1 sub appearance). Out of these 19 starts, he’s played 312 mins in 4 matches (substituted after 70mins) and all 90 of 15 matches. He’s currently 2nd of the goal-scorer’s chart with 13 goals, with his assist chart tallying up to 1.

a) Ade scores a goal per 1.4(rounded down) matches
b) He has a Goals/Attempts percentage of 24% (2nd behind C.Ronaldo – 25%, with Torres at 3rd – 19%)

These stats (derived from Opta, Wikipedia, soccernet, BPL stats) show that he’s had a massive improvement from the 05/06 season – 4 goals, 12 starts, 1 subs and the 06/07 season – 8 goals, 21 starts, 8 subs. So we have one thing straight, Adebayor is improving quite impressively and he’s 23, turning 24 years old in February 08. My question, why so much stick? One reason i can think of is that we’ve always had legendary forwards who’ve given us so much joy, Bergkamp, Anelka, Ian Wright and of course the current record holder, Thierry Henry. So Adebayor has some mountains to climb, innit? Saying that, TH14 has set quite an impossible standard to surpass, seriously, and to be compared against him is frankly quite unfair and ludicrous!

Another reason why i suspect his efforts are so easily scrutinized is because we’ve been playing the 4-5-1 formation quite a bit this season. With no RVP or the recent time freezing magic of F.O.S.C (Eduardo) to distract us, its easy to be frustrated when our lone man up top fails to do something special. Think about that for a second, why won’t you.

And even if he’s done something special, he doesn’t get the plaudits! I remember the recent goal where he scored from an impossible angle(Le Boss called that goal “incomprehensible”) and the crowd around me called it a lucky shot. Sure, its lucky but he scored and wasn’t that what you asked for in the first place? Kinda hard to please, aren’t we?

The article wasn’t named Adebayor Math because of the stats and numbers, but rather a formula which i came up with quite accidently to distract myself (and sometimes the mates around me) while watching him. Try this the next time when you watch him and it should prove quite accurate (most times) and hopefully, quite entertaining. Adebayor scores almost every time after 8 “Touches”. The definition of “Touches” is further explained below;

a) 1 mis-pass is half a Touch (a bad first touch, which goes to the opponent, after receiving the ball is also considered a mis-pass)
b) 1 missed attempt at goal is 1 Touch
c) 1 shot on target, be it saved or hitting the woodwork, is negative 1 Touch (-1T)

So let’s say Ade makes 8 mis-passes (4T) and 4 missed attempts (4T), he’ll probably score on his next try. This has been proven 3 times in recorded history. One famous incident was when i was on the arses of Arseblog and i counted down, if i recall correctly, 6 mis-passes (3T) : 5 missed attempts (5T) : 1 header that was saved (-1T), I said on the arses “thats 8 touches now, surely he’ll score on his next try!” Bam! Ade did and i went nuts.

But true to any mathematical equation, there’s always catalysts or loopholes. “What about the Hat-trick against Derby then?”, you ask. Well, Ade is very honest, he keeps mental logs of his Touches and repays it backwards and sometimes forwards. So if he scores a hat-trick and did not take 24T to get there, he’ll pay it backwards and evidence shows he did not score in his next 5 matches.

Okay, I come to the end of this article and i hope that its achieved its purpose, to provide some mid-week mirth and also to get some gooners off Ade’s back. Seriously, try counting down the Touches next time you watch him and it should bring back some sanity.

I’m gonna go back to work now and i have to head off to drinks soon! If i’m late, i blame you, readers. I don’t know what for but i don’t care. Thanks for reading, I’ll read you tomorrow. Bis bald.


Tuesdays suck.

King Kolo Toure

Dumb Tuesday.

How are you then? I got stood up for a dinner date and that really pissed me off. I wore my best cologne and nicest pair of casual trousers no less. Whatever.

There is almost fuck all to blog about today, so i’ll think of something as i go along. Luke Freeman’s deal is not a done deal yet, so says his current manager. Okay, he’s a 15-year-old striker who’s rather special because “he’s rather special to be playing for the first team a few times at his tender age”, so says Le Boss. We apparently want this 18-year-old Ghanaian, Andre Ayew, son of Adebi Pele. At the same time, we have Vyacheslav Dmitriev torpedoed in from Torpedo Moscow (allegedly). I’m hoping he’s handy with submarines, or something like that.

Absolutely fuck-all ain’t it? And this part right here is made up again because i was really writing witty and gut busting literature until i clicked on another link on my browser and lost all the shit that wasn’t auto-saved. So you just have to deal with whatever i’m typing now, which is a re-hash of wittier stuff, meh. I think i mentioned that something about us needing a winger. Right, we need a winger and you wanna know what i think? I think we should bring Kieran Gibbs into the side and give him a run. I liked the looks of him during the Emirates cup and the Carling cup matches, he’s played in the left-mid role and done surprisingly well as a left-back as well. He seems to be able to adapt to his senior colleagues pretty quickly so why waste him??

True to my word(as mentioned in the post a couple days back), i have a brand new wallpaper for you today. King Kolo Toure is the featured player on this one so click on the link gently and get yourself one of Gunnersing’s originals, you know you want to. Its Kolotastic. Feel free to leave comments because i’m a feedback whore.

Anyway, tomorrow’s wednesday and as promised i’ll be out for dinner and drinks. Please call me at 1800-STEVE-WANTS-FREE-CIDER if you wanna join me. And since i’d be out getting my food on and my drink on, you can expect a very early post, around the time when Arseblog posts *ooo*. After you get your daily arses in, you can pop by and say hi. Because its the right thing to do.

To conclude, tomorrow’s post will be the eagerly awaited piece on “Adebayor’s Math”, where i shed light on the formula to how our Togonator scores his goals. It will be a short one. Till then, Auf Wiedersehen.

Good ‘morrow.

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