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Match Review – Philade: the tonic that sent us 5 points clear

Very good morning to you, Gooners. And if you’re not a Gooner and you’re reading this, well…WE ARE 5 POINTS CLEAR! It was an emotional roller-coaster during the evening, I checked the online tv listings and found on the time slots between 12am to 6am stating a repeat of some birmingham game that was played over the weekend. And “Final whistle” stated at 6am between the time slots of 6am to 12pm…i thought my cable subscriber had screwed me over again and then decided to fuck with my mind.

Thank god that i checked with my pal, Siren, and she told me our game is going to be shown ‘live’ at 3:55 am. So its 6:25am now and you’ve guessed it, i woke up after a very short nap to catch the game. And i’m so fucking tired now but its all worth it! Worth looking at the Jedi Lion’s roar below.
If you read my post yesterday, i commented on how i struggled to name a squad of 16. Arsene Wenger must have been chuckling to himself, because he fooled me and possibly our dear friend, Mark Hughes. The second fool is enjoying the little personal Gaelic joke less because contrary to Le Boss’s earlier reports, we still fielded quite a strong 11. Of the surprise inclusions were Big Phil and Mathieu Flamini.
1st Half – We started brightly with an inter-changeable 4-5-1(to me anyway), but it looked more like 4-2-3-1(to me anyway) with Matt and Gilberto hanging back to protect the back 4 and Eduardo, Cesc, Hleb confusing the Blackburn defence by exchanging runs and flanks. It worked. We ran them silly from the starting whistle and a corner from Eduardo found a rampaging Senderos who duly got past his marker and headed a powerful header home. It was nice to see him score…like the football gods rewarded him for his fine performances for the past few weeks that Kolo was away. And we had another 18 minutes of fine possession and attacking play but we just lacked the final pass. Which sort of lead to a 20 minute period where we seem to be letting our foot off the gas a little, Rovers had 3 chances but they fucked them all up. Actually, we were quite lucky they fluffed their chances…ah what the hell “Har-Har!”.

i forgot one thing, it was really a breath of fresh air not seeing the 2nd biggest cunt in world football, Robbie Savage, playing for Blackburn. Everything just seemed so much calmer and nicer without that poxy fuckturd.
2nd Half – After a 5 minute spell where Blackburn carried on from where they left off in the 1st half…and we just dominated. I don’t remember any on-target shot attempts from Blackburn in the 2nd half at all! So we clogged and battered through their defence time and again, searching for the 2nd goal. Alex Hleb was excellent, Cesc was inching closer to his imperious best and Gilberto looked much sharper than the past couple of times he’s pulled the red and white. And just when i thought Ade won’t score for this game, the clock turns 91 and after good work by Hleb and Sagna down the right, the togonator gets the ball and pivots before slamming a shot into the bottom left corner of the Blackburn net!

Overall i’m bloody glad we took advantage of the situation and the 5 points will give us some breathing space. Okay i’m really really tired now. I need to take a nap right now. Practically dozing off as i write this. Read ya’ll soon.



Good ‘morrow.

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