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A long time coming…plus Match Preview.

Hi Everyone, I hope there are still some of you still here 🙂 Been a while hasn’t it? Thanks for dropping in once in a bit to check up on me but its really been crappy life-wise and work-wise. Will i blog tomorrow? Should be. Will i disappear for a while again? Shouldn’t be. Intriguing isn’t it?

Enough about me. Lets come back to the matter at hand then. Tonight’s match (this afternoon for the UK netizens) comes at a time where supposedly it “doesn’t matter” anymore. I say, fadaddash. There i said it. Fadaddash. We need to win because there’s still the “possibility” of getting 2nd and having the luxury of not having to qualify for CL like the past 2 seasons.

We also need to win because we haven’t won for a long time. The last time we won happily was…if memory serves me right, the great and awesome night at AC Milan. No wait, when we came back from 2-0 to win 2-3 at Bolton? Which was still a long time ago. I do have many unspoken things about how we dropped points, yada yada…Oh right, because i didn’t blog about them. Idiot.

Team news ahead of the match, the peroxide one did not make it back on time from the Candy Shop down Piccadilly Street so Mad Jens stays in between the posts tonight. Justin Heezle to the Wizzle Hoyte, Bacary Sagna, Rosicky, Matty are still out while the Brazilian, Denilson could feature some way tonight. Which leaves us with the possibility of playing the most retarded Gunner (but seriously i heard that he’s not very bright) on the right again. I seriously do not like slagging off a player but what the hell, i don’t want to see him playing tonight and if i had a choice, never again.

Unfortunately he’ll play anyway so…let’s skip on ahead to other news. Le Boss wants to come back tonight all fists swinging like a cornered boxer. Can he land an uppercut on Eboue’s chin before the match so we can list him as “injured during warm up”? Also, the professor explains why he left Phil out last weekend. Which is clearly a huge facade because secretly, Phil Senderos was sent to Sicily to hire a contract out on Alex Ferguson and even more secretly to let Eboue “sleep with the fishes” discreetly…I heard Eboue likes fish tho, shucks. There seems to be some speculation already on the Captaincy of Willie “big penis” Gallas. Apparently Wenger walked into the showers after a game to speak to Cesc about a new tactic and the Flamster almost tripped the Boss while powdering his bollocks nearby. I say the bigger equipment wins all the time.

In other news, despite popular opinion, we are not in the market for David Villa. Excuse me but when do we discuss the property market…huh? David Villa is a player? Really? Never heard of him. From Valencia? Where? Spain? Sure… Flamster is given a deadline to sign the new contract for us. Personally i want him to stay but i guess if he really wanted to, he would have done so already. He did give his best for us this season so there should be no gripes about his performances to “push for a move”. See what i’m trying to do here? Reverse psychology. Last thing. I called Wenger’s bluff last week when he said “i’m only going to add one experienced player to the squad” because this week he says “i want one or two quality, real quality, players…”, so basically in Wengergebra we want 3 players – 1 old one and 2 younger, fast zippy ones.

Okay i’m done. I have to go pay some bills and possibly take a nap to rest my weary ankles from playing 6-a-side footy at 2 am in the freaking morning today. Fingers crossed we keep a clean sheet and score from a direct free kick plus from corner and from open play tonight. I’ll read you tomorrow.


Good ‘morrow.

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