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Blackburn Match Preview plus overdue post, “Shit when its St. Totteringham’s day.”

Missed me? If you didn’t know by now i had to stop blogging for a bit due to the Lunar New Year celebrations. Yes, my excuse is only valid for the days of(last week) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yesterday…so what happened to Monday and Tuesday? I was writing Monday’s blog on monday morning but work happened. In fact, so much work happened i had to work doubly hard on Tuesday and it spilled over to Wednesday. So i didn’t really have a good reunion dinner and all that. Whatever, i’m back after the short break and you can read my ramblings again. Until the next time there’s more work and some crap holiday i can’t enjoy. BUT! i have some remnants of what was supposed to be Monday’s blog below the match preview for the game tonight. So read it if you like.

Team news ahead of the match against Blackburn is that we’re cunting doomed. We have no one to put on the field against the Tossers from Lancashire. Its quite depressing to be honest. RVP, Diaby, Denilson, etc are still out. Song is out. Apparently we’re down to 11 men/we have 11 men down. I suppose i can sign a one day contract, just pay me $2000 pounds in crisp 1 dollar notes so i can have a stack of them to show off when i go to the strip club. One problem with that tho, there are no strip clubs here. Oh i digress, yeah i’ll gladly sit my yellow ass on the bench to make up the numbers, Boss.

Probable Squad of 16 (BIG CHINESE NEW YEAR GONG!):

Wookash Fabianski
Jens Lehmann
Willie Gallas
Justin Hoyte
Gael Clichy
Gilberto Silva
Nicklas Bendtner
Armand Traore
Kerrea Gilbert
Harvard Nordveit

I was really struggling to come up with the list above and wow, we have no midfielders on the bench. AT ALL. WE’RE SO CUNTING DOOMED!
So i guess we’ll see Justin Hoyte playing CB along Gallas..I originally wanted to put Gilberto in there but there are no more DMs for us. Song could have filled in for either positions but he’s crocked as well. I think Le Boss will go for the 4-5-1 with Hleb sitting just behind Ade’s ass.

Bleargh. Work just knocked on my proverbial door again. I’m not sure if my fucking cable provider will show the match tonight so hopefully i’m awake to either arse on the arses or just watching red circles appearing on a green screen telling me “Ball goes out for corner”, “Jens Lehmann saves shot” or “Sagna throw in”. I have half the mind to poop on the huge satellite dish next to the highway, just to make a point. Fucking basturds. Hehe. Turds. I’m funny.

To answer some of the comments left on my previous post, ‘holic: i’ll go find out what happened to him. Shai: yes i was quietly plotting my own doom during the holidays and neglected to post.

2-0 to the Arsenal tonight with the customary Ade goal and Walcott slipping past Samba for a tap in. I hope. You can read on for last Tuesday’s intended post, if not…SING FOR THE GUNNERS TONIGHT!


“Shit when its St. Totteringham’s Day”

Guten Morgen. I hope your Monday went well, mine went swimmingly until my workload just tripled within 1 hour…thus no post yesterday. Luckily there was also fuck all to talk about yesterday, which would have meant a very boring No-Link-Monday.

On Sunday i promised a post full of shit and wit. I’m not so sure about the wit part now but there should be lots of shit to read about in the next 2 minutes. Let’s get to it then. We’re into the 26th match week of the 07/08 season, and after 25 games Arsenal is on top of the League (I love saying that over and over all the time) with 60 points and our neighbours, the Spurms are 11th with 29 points. There are 13 more games to go (no games in hand for either club) and for St. Totteringham’s Day to happen very early this season, we just need to win the next 3 games.

Because, lets say the Totts actually win all 13 games and build up to 68 points, we, the Mighty Arsenal, just need to make it a nice 69 to finish on top of them. Except that the Spurms won’t win all 13 games and we definitely have a good chance of beating the next 3 League opponents – Blackburn (Home), Birmingham (Away) and Aston Villa (Home). Basically this could be the earliest date in a season that St. Totteringham’s Day would be celebrated, 1st of March 2008! Cue in lots of beer-guzzling, strippers and mass prank calling to Spud buddies. “Hello, did you know it was a holiday today?? What? you didn’t realize? Ah, shame then! Happy St. Totteringham’s Day to you, dear Sir! *everyone cackles maniacally at the same time in the room*”

Ahh… warms my heart. From now on, please sacrifice more goats and calves to whoever you pray to and hopefully we can celebrate 1st of March! I will take leave that day just so i can watch North London derbies that we’ve won over and over and over and over again.


Good ‘morrow.

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