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Monday and the late review.

Good Monday to you. Well, hopefully it has been good for you so far. Woke up this morning still feeling a little tired and i could have done with more shut-eye but of course there’s always work. Ah…work. Bloody sweltering heat didn’t help either, the good Lord must be having a Barbeque somewhere. Couldn’t He have ice cream today instead?

Right. Watching the game against Reading was quite blissful. The lads did very well in terms of movement on and off the ball, which was a joy to watch because there were nice through balls and wing play and direct attempts and loads of shots, which were on target as well. I thought if the shots did go in like they were supposed to (what the fuck am i talking about) then we would have won 5-0. At the least.

First thing i noticed was that Theo Walcott started. Thank fuck i didn’t have to go through the usual pre-match groan of seeing Eboue in the starting line-up. Say what you want to me but i thought we play better without that twat and on Saturday i was proven right. Robin and Theo rotated (to me anyway) up front and i loved it. One very good move saw Hleb thread a pass through a crowded midfield from just above the middle of the park to a running Fab4 who was just outside the box. Fab didn’t score but that move was reminiscent of the days of yore when a magnificent Dennis Bergkamp pass from the halfway line would find a sprinting Freddie running into the box from the wing. *sighs and flutters his eyelids* Sweet Bliss.

Another move that i remembered was Theo Walcott taking on 3 defenders on the right wing, gets past them and cuts back a fine pass into the 6 yard box and Fab slides in to connect but missing just by an inch.

I don’t know what were the changes that shook us up but this was by far the most scintillating performance i’ve seen this season. Maybe i’ve been so disappointed by the past ten thousand draws we’ve erm…drawn that i don’t remember other matches but you know what they say, the best fuck is the last one you had (provided you rocked her world, you lousy bastard).

Cunt of the match – Bikey what-kind-of-name-is-that-whatever
Bastard Bikey kept on nipping and kicking RVP the whole of the 2nd half and all credit to Robin for staying on his feet and let his football do the talking. Ref gave Bikey a yellow and i don’t think he deserved any less. Wish Sagna or Flam was around to give Bikey a sliding tackle lesson, yes i know that you know what i’m talking about.

Gooner of the match – Gilberto
Yes its the same old tired “he lost his captaincy, he’s such a professional yada yada yada” but i think you’d have to agree that it warmed your heart to see him put in such a performance and got a goal for it too.

Overall i have to say its been a while since i’ve not been frustrated watching an Arsenal match. I won’t name names but i hope he doesn’t play at all next week. If he proves me wrong, i don’t mind because humble pie is just that, a pie thats humble, thats waiting for me to eat it. But i’ll bet he won’t.

Last thing. Wenger thinks Theo is not a boy, not yet a monster. Which means Theo skips manhood completely – from a teenage English boy to a snarling, Nevillebrothers-eating, running with the pace of 100 horses, Monster. I’d like that. Theo the Monster. Especially the idea that he’ll eat Gary or Phil Neville for lunch. Mmm…twat sandwiches.

Alright. Hope you enjoyed the read today. See ya tomorrow eh?


We did it at San Siro! Milan 0 – 2 Arsenal!

Words fail me now… We did it against Meelan at San Siro and albeit a very tense 15 minutes in the first half, i believe most would agree with me that we did a good job. 0-2… i’m still rather pumped up, so forgive me if i’m not so coherent in the next few sentences.

So here i am, waiting for better photos from yahoo sports and editing them as fresh as they come.
One of our crucial players tonight was the man above, Mathieu Flamini. I think that he was tasked to keep Gattuso in his pocket, so that the Italian won’t be able to do much and influence the play. And Matty definitely kept Gattuso quiet.
Our defenders did put in a solid display as well, although i might argue that we were lucky on a few occasions when the ball did fall kindly to us. On that note, we made tackles higher up the pitch, in Meelan’s own half so we won’t give away too many dangerous freekicks. Spot on tactic, Arsene.
Cesc…our midfield maestro was in his element today, making great first half tackles and repeatedly got into good positions to dictate play. 2nd half you can see that he was more involved up front than back and of course that fucking paid off *huge grin*. Nonetheless, he helped alot in keeping a lid on Kaka, Meelan’s most dangerous player.
Look at those pictures…i’m getting goosebumps now, fucking hell. We waited for 84 minutes before the first goal came and what a goal it was!! It was totally unexpected because Ade was just ahead of him, Fab took a shot through the crowd and i think we woke the neighbours! (Was watching with 2 of my Gooner mates) Loved the celebration and love our lad, Francesc Fabregas, to bits! Siren wanted to have his baby after that goal…not surprising.
Cesc went straight to the bench and hugged Le Boss. Where naturally, everyone else came in and mobbed him. Love it! This is really goosebump material. I told you i’m incoherent now. *nods* We followed that up with a marvelous run by Theo Walcott on the right, where he got to a very very speculative pass and skipped pass one defender (possibly Ambrosini) and laid it off across the goalmouth for Adebayor, who didn’t miss this for the world and we made it 0-2 to the Arsenal with 2 minutes remaining in +4 injury time. This goal reminded me so much of the 5th goal when we were at the same ground playing Inter, Aliadere doing the deed.
Look at Phil, so happy! Our lads must be over the moon now. Christ i’m gonna have to leave you with that pic and i need to head to bed 🙂 Have a good day, Gooners. We love the Arsenal.


Angry Thursday


No happy picture for you guys today. But i feel exactly like the legend above. I was coasting along, accepting the defeat graciously because it had to happen and the circumstances – atmosphere, attitude, readiness, lack of skill, etc, compounded everything into one ball of reasonable angst. I dealt with that quite well. Until i went out last evening for a drink.

Anticipating ribbing from certain people, i tried my best keeping away from them so i won’t get any “banter”. But still it happened. All you need to know is that i’m not pleased at all and the tactless event that occurred left a very sour taste in my mouth. I may be all smiles but don’t take that as a sign of weakness. Losing 6-2 over 2 legs to your greatest enemy is no laughing matter and it would be nice that if you, as understanding as you are, won’t rub it in.

More fallout continues as the biggest victim of the result, apparently our young Theo Walcott, is gonna be farmed out on loan to get him “to be more ready”. I believe its a good idea, i hope he does well if he goes out on loan…if not, his time in Arsenal will be cut short. I hope not, for his sake.

Its really ridiculous to note the intense frenzy from media and fans alike to write us off, proclaim that we need signings immediately, youth policy in cups is flawed and so on. Where were you when we were in the Carling Cup finals last year? Saying Wenger has lost the plot after 1 defeat in the Carling Cup with 50% kids playing? Are you out of your fucking mind? These are the same people who doomify(not a word) us at the start of the season, saying we won’t even be in the top four, need more signings to cover up the big hole that TH14 left blah blah blah. What’s worse, these are fans as well. WHAT THE FUCK. I remember the first few matches we had at the beginning of the season, we were almost always 1 goal down till the last 20 minutes and there were 2 wankers, 1 scruffy pot-bellied Caucasian old man and one tall shapeless pan-asian guy who were whining and moaning about Arsene Wenger’s transfer policies, that we were gonna be fucked this season. The scruffy Caucasian even criticized us singing the “One Arsene Wenger” song. We won that match and they kept quiet. Next match, they come back, we went 1 goal down again and they repeated the same bollocks and we won in the end, they shut their fucking traps up. We had an unbeaten run and i didn’t see them at the pub anymore. I bet you they’ll be back this weekend.

Get a fucking grip. We’re 2nd of the League, with goal difference, we exited the semi-finals of the Carling Cup playing mostly kids all the way, we’re still in the FA Cup, in the last 16 of UCL. Jesus Christ, its almost like we are Newcastle or Fulham.

Rant over. Time to jam with my band. Toodles everyone, hope your evening gets better.


Friday is Steve-o’s pick-of-the-week day!

Julie Fleeting

Guten Morgen, late blog today because me thinks me had a case of food poisoning or something. After mucho water and mucho siestas, i woke up and felt…exactly the same.

But good enough to bring you something to read huh. I’m sure after the Adebayor Article, you lot (all 8 of you) were quite flummoxed at how witty and intelligent i am (read: full of shit). So i really have a big standard to live up to now and contrary to what you might think i’m about to say next…I won’t bust my gut to outdo the Adebayor post.

Bam-Bam-Baaaaam. Julie Fleeting. Not as hawt as Emma Byrnes (heh, ‘holic), but still very hot for me, this sweet looking woman (please refer to the smiling pic on the right) is the main striker (correct me if i’m wrong) for our Arsenal Ladies’ Team. I’d love to go on but i don’t know anything more than that about her. I’ll go find out more if there are requests. Next week’s Pick: Faye White, i’ll try to find out more about the Arsenal Ladies’ Captain. Captainess(i know there’s no such thing but still)? Skippette?

On to Arsenal news, i was struggling to come up with anything worth reading but i skimmed through the net and found these. Hopefully they are still “news” to you. Wenger thinks young Theo Walcott will become a good player soon enough, “The shoulder injury [last season] affected him because he got into bad habits”. I see RVP’s not the only one having a puff now and then, heh. The Boss also says Diarra(who?) left because the player panicked. Like Arseblogger mentions, Arsene has a habit of hiding his sarcasm very well in his interviews and i think this were the commando words camouflaged in the bushes of normalcy, “He was impatient and I decided to open the door because I have players in that position”. Basically, i think Le Boss meant, “Diarra is very young and foolish, but its fine because he’s just a little twat who i just bought from Chavski to have a laugh. Le Ha, Le Haha”. Pity, i thought i was really starting to like the lad.

Thats about it for me today, will have to go pop some neon looking pills with mucho water. Match Preview tomorrow. Hopefully, i’d have regain some wittiness in time to come up with some funnies. Saturdays are good for funnies, yes they are.

Cheerios everyone.

Good ‘morrow.

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