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A Tuesday Treat, especially for you.

Boy have i got a treat for you. To make up for all the days i didn’t blog, Steve-o, yes that’s me, took the pain and effort to bring you not 1, but 2 Spanking new Wallpapers.

1. Cesc Fabregas – Midfield Maestro
He was the catalyst in midfield during our fantastic win in San Siro last week and is, i believe one of, if not the favourite player of all Gooners. Men want to be him and women want to have his babies. The wallpaper is made from one of his shots/passes during that match itself, although it wasn’t that match winning shot. So this is my homage to his brilliance, the brilliant Arsenal Player that he is.

2. Mathieu Flamini – Blood and Guts
Matty has been such a revelation this season and has displaced last season’s fan favourite, Gilberto Silva, as the defensive anchor. The title of the wallpaper is quite apt, ain’t it? Blood and guts all the time, he demands a 100% from himself every time he steps on the field for us. To go one better, he also tries to encourage the best out of everyone else around him. I really really like his attitude and it shows every match.

Click on the links (on the titles) below the pics to download them. I believe these are my best wallpapers yet and if you could give me feedback on them, it would be well appreciated. I spent quite some time doing them because i felt bad not being able to blog and give you something to read daily for the past 3 weeks (work, life and bullshit) so…this goes to show how much i love my fellow gooners.

I hope the 2 wallpapers will go some way to ease the slight disappointment of Sunday’s result. I mean, seriously now, be fair to the lads; they traveled back from Italy, have loads of players injured and although we might be on a high its not easy. You might argue that we have RVP and Toure back but they’ve been out for a while, especially RVP (bless him). Fuck the pitch issue tho, my take on it is that we had 3 clear chances but it was either due to fatigue or the lag from San Siro. The very first chance we created (Cesc’s brilliant through ball to Ade) should have and would have been a goal on any other day. Don’t get me wrong tho and look, Adebayor has been shouldering the scoring burden ever since RVP’s injury and we had Dudu (bless him) during January to ease the load a bit but we all know what happened to him.

Anyway, lets all sacrifice some young goat or whatever to hope against all damning odds that Derby can spring some sort of miracle and hold Yanited off…Ah fuck. Hopefully, i’ll have the mobile versions of the 2 wallpapers up for you soon and also something for you to read tomorrow. Fingers crossed and all that. Have a nice evening now.

*Note: The new wallpapers are only linked on this post but they should be loaded onto the wallpapers section soon enough, i need to clear out the kinks as that page is going cuckoo on me. Hold on tight then.

**Update – I’ve had enough time to fix the wallpaper section, you can go there to get the new wallpapers and also look at the old ones.


Happy Hatchings!

Good morning. Today is the birth of this blogsite, adding to the multitudes of Gooner blogs, Arsenal related websites and the likes. As you can see from the picture above(taken at the best and only gooner pub on this bloody island), i’m a singing gooner and i’m from Singapore(believe it or not) and this is getting corny so i’ll stop. Well, in short, this is an Arsenal related blog written by an Arsenal fan, who encourages fellow Gooners to stand up and fecking sing for your beloved football club.

But i digress, because its my fecking birthday and i made a promise to the Dark one that if i give away 1 year of my life he would give Totts the shits again soon. So to start things right, i will be very honest with you, my dear readers, from the get-go.

1. I did not write this on my birthday, i cheated and wrote this on Wednesday because i don’t think i’d be arsed(heh) on my birthday to start writing the inaugural blogpost.

2. I am not a big fan of capping the i’s. Its not an excuse, i’m just fecking lazy.

3. I like to use the word “feck”, alot. Obviously, to replace the other 4 letter word, which i like to use even more.

4. This will be a very biased blog. I will mostly write in favour of the Arsenal and all the club’s undertakings, right down to how the groundsman’s dog’s poo is not as stinky as the dog’s poo who belongs to the groundsman from Yanited, Spurms or Chavski, etc. So if you are a rival club’s fan, i suggest you best take my writings with that in mind.

5. My standard of english is horrible (as it stands, it should be “my command of the english language”, see?) and if you’d like to correct me, you may go ahead and do so in the daily comments. I may not care, i may thank you or worse, i may have been drunk while writing. So there.

6. Any ideas to improve this blog are welcome.

7. Any naked photos of beautiful women are welcome.

8. Wigan is doing a good job(so far) of keeping Liverpool out of their goal. I’m hoping it continues.

9. I’m hungry now.

10. If you’d like to contribute to this blog, please do not hesitate to drop me an email. My email? its on the contact page.

So this is the very first post of this very new Arsenal blog. So new it smells like a fresh condom that was released from the confines of a carefully packaged foil wrap….except that it was opened 2 days ago and i’m only using it now. Figuratively of course. You know what i mean.

Oh, and 11. I shall strive to update this blog around the times of 2100hrs – 2200hrs (GMT +8) everyday. FA Cup Match Preview against Burnley to come up tomorrow i think. Cheerios.

*Update: Wigan drew with Liverpool, Tits-up Bramble actually scored. I’ll need to start going to church again.

**Update: The Wallpaper section is up! You can go here to download the very first wallpaper by gunnersing!

Good ‘morrow.

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